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Video production Chicago – We create powerful videos that redefine visual storytelling in a way that excites you, thrills you, and emotionally appeals to you. Transform the way you communicate with your audience through our out-of-the-box video production ideas and services, and drive home unparalleled results.

A Video Production Company in Chicago Unlike Any Other

Video is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forms of content. Done right, it does more than entertain or educate. It transforms, converts, and drives user decisions. We’re here to help you leverage that kind of power for your business.

K3 offers on-demand video production services to help you captivate viewers and convey a message at the same time effectively. We provide services right from ideation to production to final delivery – all with the support of cutting-edge technologies, proven-effective techniques, and unmatched talent.

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Top Notch Video Production in Chicago

We are a leading full-service video production and professional photography company located in Chicago, creating high-quality video and photo content for corporate clients around the globe. Driven by innovation and powered by dedication, we offer a wide array of content production services, ranging from corporate and commercial video to documentaries and animation, and corporate and commercial photography to product photography. Backed by state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly-skilled professionals, we go above and beyond in making sure that we stick to budgets, efficiently fulfill your needs, and most of all create content that not only engages the viewers but also leaves a lasting impression.

We Help You Tell Powerful Stories

Visual storytelling is an art that requires careful deliberation and dedication. It also requires a great deal of purpose-driven creativity, much like filmmaking where there is a need to discover and implement thoughtful ways to convey a message or an idea. Our team has an unmatched aesthetic sense along with the collective technical and creative prowess of professional video content creators that gives us a competitive edge over others. Rest assured, we know how to make your story work wonders for you.

Need For Video Production in Chicago

The age of digital marketing aims to entice its audience through corporate videos. Considering that the present era does not have the time or the attention span to read, videos are indeed the way to go if you wish to spread awareness or tell stories. 

Video content offers educational, industrial as well as entertainment benefits to your audience, along with conveying an important message for you. And utilizing the creativity of a professional video production company like K3 can help you effectively reach out to your audience and make an impact in many ways. 

There has to be an“X factor” that makes your audience linger through the video and perhaps induces the urge to share the video as well. With K3, you will be able to do that and more.

Here are a few more reasons why you need video production services.

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Audience Engagement

Story-telling should be such that it makes the audience glued to the visuals. Viewers should ideally feel as if they are a part of it. As a veteran video production company in Chicago, we know exactly what it takes to get the audience to enjoy the content, resonate with the content, and engage with it. We put ourselves in the shoes of the viewers and create stories that keep them occupied.

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Intensely Hued Animation

The latest world-class animation techniques offer viewers a visual treat. With colors, movements, typography, claymation, and other elements, it transports them into a whole other vividly intense dimension. Professionally experienced video production companies can let you delight your audience and give them an out-of-the-world viewing experience.

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Quick and Powerful

Video content can be created within a few days, depending on the complexity of the project. Typically, social media content is created and shared in the shortest time, delivering the biggest impact. We have experts in social media algorithms who can help you crack the code and provide far-reaching content within comparatively shorter periods of time.

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Video content is the name of the game today. With more than 40% of companies the world over utilizing the power of the visual senses, it is high time you took advantage of this tool too. Work with professional video production companies to produce high-quality conversion-optimized video content and take home your bottom line.

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Video content utilizes one of the most prominent and powerful of the human senses; vision. Hence by creating visually delightful digital experiences for viewers, you get to take advantage of the impact and influence their minds to perform a call to action that is favorable for your business.

Our Video Production Services

We don’t boast of offering the highest-quality service, our testimonials do. With state-of-the-art technology backing our team with high-level technical knowledge, we are in a comfortable state to provide you with versatile first-rate imagery and film production. Our services are not limited to just corporate video and photography. We also offer commercial video and photography. We are a known face in the Chicago Video Production industry and our working style is enjoyable. We plan to shape your identity by working together and growing your idea through unique and winning concepts. Our services from pre-production to post-production are undeniably the best in the industry. 

Brand videos are the perfect way to create a personality for your company, also allowing you to connect with your viewer and earn their trust. 90% of users say that product videos are accommodating in their decision process. Plus, the more videos you have to assist, educate as well as inform your viewers, the more you will build on that foundation of trust. Furthermore, trust translates to sales. So, with the help of videos, you can grow your brand market and have several options to explore. And we offer brand video production services within your budget.

With the help of animated explainer videos, you can easily highlight the important features and qualities of your products and services, or your company in a straightforward yet powerful way. Animated explainer videos can get the audience to stay engaged as well as enthusiastic about what you’re saying, whether you wish to sell your offerings or explain concepts. We create animated videos in eye-catching and unique ways that help attract more viewers’ attention toward your product as well as your brand, and in turn, boost sales. 

In the realm of online business, commercial videos are a foolproof way to quickly and effectively reach a global audience. It lets consumers get a quick idea of what you have to offer clearly and concisely. Because 73 percent of customers are more likely to purchase a product or use a service after watching a video, if you are not already using videos in your online advertisement, you are losing consumers to your competitors. At K3, we help bring your vision to life and capture your audience’s attention quickly, through high-quality commercial video production services in Chicago at affordable rates.

Product videos are one of the best ways to introduce your product and highlight the benefits it offers to your prospects. Especially if your product offering is complicated to explain or offers multiple benefits, such as with B2B categories, a product video can work wonders for you. We have an expert team in product videography, skilled in the art of capturing the essence of your product most effectively and driving viewers to conversions. Put together with motion graphics and other interesting elements, you can tell a powerful product story.

Realtors and house owners are always looking for the best ways to showcase their properties to potential buyers, who needless to say, have very specific needs for their dream homes or apartments. Real Estate videos help you highlight the best aspects of your properties while at the same time giving your prospective buyers the ability to make a more informed decision about them. It also makes it easier for both the buyer and the seller to assess properties and move forward with the ones they like. We provide professional real estate video production services that will get viewers interested in your offering, and seek to know more.

Our Photography Services

In addition to high-quality video production services, we also offer professional photography services for a wide range of purposes. From corporate photography to commercial photography, we have experts in any category of photos that you need for your business. With the help of our world-class photography equipment and our highly experienced photography team, we can craft impactful photos to drive your business to growth and success. 


Showcase a compelling reflection of your personal brand image with our expert headshot photography services. You can make use of high-quality headshots for your specialized business website, for modeling purposes, for show business, or just to frame it for keepsake. It lets users know that you are professional while making a lasting impression in their minds, whether it is for social media, or whether it is a part of your career portfolio. At K3 we have experts in headshot photography who can make you look professional, enthusiastic, and ready for work.

In this day and age, it can be tricky to actually get a house or any property noticed, considering the competition in the real estate industry. A study reveals that high-quality professional property photos simply draw more concentration than their amateur counterparts. Moreover, buyers are in search of new homes on the Internet, looking to investigate prospective properties quickly. Professional real estate photographers will capture your property beautifully and get your buyers interested. They will open a window of opportunity for you to negotiate and land a great deal for the property owner while earning handsome commissions.

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Chicago Headshot Photographer

Clear and attractive product photos not only allow customers online to make informed purchase decisions but they also create a professional appeal for your brand. High-quality photos reflect your brand image and give your prospective customers a lasting impression. At K3 we have product photography experts who will capture your products through attractive photos that will enhance your brand image and induce customers to buy them. With our expertise, your photos will be well-lit, clear, and appealing to all.

You have a vision.

We have a way to get you there.

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Why Choose us?

How We are Different

the most trusted website design & development firm in India serving a variety of clients with its industry-leading web solutions. We offer state-of-the-art custom website services built around aesthetics and usability. Our UI/UX specialists, Shopify experts and WordPress Developers have experience of working on more than 500+ websites. So, count on us!

Our Comprehensive Range of Chicago Video Production Services

K3 is a full-scale comprehensive video production company that believes in offering well-rounded services related to videography and photography. This means we help you develop your idea from scratch and build your project completely. From ideation to brainstorming to shooting to editing, we cover everything you need to launch your next video content campaign. We have professionals in every aspect of video production who can help you visualize your project, solve challenges, and bring your idea to fruition. 

Here is an overview of the types of services we offer in video production and photography.

Idea and concept generation | Video content strategizing | Video shooting | Art direction | Casting | Animation | Motion graphics | Video editing | Sound mixing | Voiceovers | Photography | Photo editing and touch-ups | Brand imagery | Event Coverage | Ad shooting

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Industries We Work With

As one of the leading video production companies in Chicago, we have worked with a wide range of industries over a span of a decade. We have a qualified team of experts each with extensive industry experience. We also have subject matter experts covering different aspects of video production. Our client diaries speak volumes of our industry-level creative prowess. 

Over the years we have worked with clients in real estate, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, education, travel, software, digital marketing, and automobile. We have been blessed with multiple successful projects across these verticals, each one adding one exquisite feather to our hat. 

Client Feedback

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About Our Company

You have a vision.

We have a way to get you there.

Extensive Industry Experience

K3 is one of the few video production companies in Chicago possessing extensive experience across multiple industries. We have professionals who have worked with clients in all verticals starting from education to software and B2B to entertainment. Hence, we know what it takes to create the impact that you are aiming for with video content, no matter what industry you are in.

World-Class Tech

We are equipped with the latest technologies in video production and photography. From best-in-class 4K quality lenses to top-notch lighting and framing hardware to the most advanced editing and audio mixing software, we have everything you need to deliver a power-packed video to your audience.

Transparent Systems

We are a straightforward and transparent video production company in Chicago, and we believe in making our processes easy for you to follow and keep up with. We have milestone-based project stops, with regular and timely progress reports throughout our processes, keeping you at the heart of our production system at all times.

Extensive Range

Our video production team consists of experts in the coverage of multiple types of videos, starting from product shoots to film shoots to live event shoots. This makes us one of the very video production companies in Chicago offering all types of video services under one roof.

Why Choose us?

Why Choose Us to Be Your Trusted Video Production Company?

K3 Video Production understands the power of visual storytelling like no one else, irrespective of what business you are in, or what your business size is. This is why our team goes above and beyond in terms of comprehending your objectives and business challenges to deliver a phenomenal video on time and within a budget.

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What is video production? What are the advantages?

Video production is a way of describing your product or service and its benefits in a short story or video. It is typically an easy-to-comprehend video in animated or real-life form conveying information about a brand or its offerings. It is often implemented as an essential part of an all-encompassing marketing plan, with short-term and long-term goals.

It offers a number of advantages, the most important one being that it makes use of the visual senses to attract attention. It also keeps the audience engaged and occupied, thereby improving the chances of conversion.

What are the types of video production? Which type suits my business?

There are various types of video production. The most common types are TV production, corporate videos, product videos, trade shows, customer testimonial videos, marketing videos, event videos, and many more. What is suitable for your business, depends on your unique objectives and goals with video content.

What type of equipment do you use for video production in Chicago?

We make use of the latest and best equipment for video production in Chicago. We have world-class shooting equipment starting from 4K quality lenses, to high-quality framing equipment including gymbals, to advanced editing and sound mixing software. We utilize a winning combination of our tech and our technical prowess to create powerful video content.

In what format do you share the final video?

We typically share the finished video in the most commonly used video formats such as .MP4 or .MOV. We are also open to converting the video to pretty much any other format according to your needs.

Do you offer casting services for scripted video production?

Yes, we are a comprehensive video production company offering a full circle of services in video content. We provide everything you need to create a full-blown video, right from concept generation and scripting to editing. We also offer casting options if required by the client, according to the agreed script.

What industries have you worked with?

We have worked with a wide range of industries over a span of a decade. Our list of industry experiences includes education, travel, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, real estate, software, digital marketing, and automobiles.

What is the cost of video production in Chicago?

We offer fully customized video production services. Hence, the cost of video production in Chicago depends on a number of factors including the scope of the project, the resource intensiveness, the extent of our services and equipment required, etc. Contact our team to discuss your project and get a quick estimate.

How much time will it take to complete the video production process?

If you are talking about time, then it depends on the videos. For example, high-quality videos take approximately 4 weeks to 8 weeks on average. On the other hand, template-based videos take just a few days as they are pre-designed. Honestly speaking, the duration of a video depends on the quality as well as the animation of the videos.

What is the Chicago video production procedure?

The process of video production essentially consists of three stages; pre-production, production, and post-production.

The pre-production stage involves steps done in preparation for the production stage. This includes tasks such as planning, concept generation, storyboarding, casting, scripting, etc. 

The production stage involves the development of the footage for the required video content. This includes steps like video shooting or the design of motion graphics. 

In the post-production stage, the footage is edited and processed to form the final draft, ready for release. This includes steps like editing, audio mixing, etc.

What are the types of Chicago video production services you provide?

K3 Video Production is a well-known company for delivering the ultimate services of video production. We provide a wide range of video production services such as corporate video production, trade show video production, brand video production, animated video production, product video production, social media video production, and many more for which you can explore your business and boost your sales. For more info follow us on Instagram