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We are the leading full-service video production and professional photography company located in Chicago, creating high-quality video and photo content for corporate clients around the globe. Driven by innovation and powered by dedication, we offer a wide array of content production services, ranging from corporate and commercial video to documentaries and animation, from corporate and commercial photography to product photography. Backed by state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly-skilled and seasoned professionals, we go above and beyond in making sure that we stick to budgets, efficiently handle your needs and most of all create content that not only engages the viewers but also leaves a lasting impression.

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Can A Chicago Video Production Company Help Me Tell A Story? Yes, We Can!


It is quite likely for one to get confused when there are many Video Production Companies Chicago that are floating in the market, choosing the best from the rest can be a mighty deal. Video production is an art. It is a process of producing video content. Video Production can be understood as equivalent to film-making. Therefore, if you ever have been looking for a creative film and video production company and did not know how to go about it, it is the high time you should meet us. Our company is recognized for its quality par excellence. Our aesthetic sense makes us outperform than others.


The age of digital marketing aims to entice its audience through corporate videos. When the present era does not have much time to read, watching a video helps in learning and creating awareness. The demand of Chicago Video Production Company benefits from an educational, industrial as well as entertainment point of view. Withal, not every corporate video can you fall in love with.

There has to be the “X factor” that makes you linger on the video, the feeling of sharing the video, the eagerness of telling that a story is crafted.
With us, you will find how effortlessly we expertise the visual power of story-telling by imbibing the elements of –

Engaging The Audience

A story-telling should be such that it should make the audience glued to it. Audience should feel a part of it. You must see yourselves in the performer and thus keeping the audience occupied.

Intensely Hued Animation

It is a quality of an ace Chicago Video Production Company to produce world-class animation technique. It gives a visionary delight to watch. We do it seamlessly for you and provide you with colourfully animated video quality.

Quick And Perfect

It does take time to produce rich quality content. But will you be able to wait for that long? Certainly not! This the reason we have a team of professionals that work day and night to deliver you with right stories and video in comparatively less time.

Video Production Services

We don't boast of offering the highest-quality service, but our testimonials do. Since state-of-the-art technology backs our team, we are in a comfortable state to provide you with versatility and first-rate imagery and film production. Our services do not limit to only corporate video and photography but also commercial video and photography. We are a known face in Chicago Video Production as our working style is enjoyable. We plan to shape your identity by teaming up, growing your idea by putting our concepts too. Our services right from pre-production to post-production is undeniably the best in the industry. Our main Video Services are as follows:

Animated video Production Services

Animated explainer video production Chicago

With the assistance of an animated explainer video, you can easily highlight the important points of the product or the company in a straightforward yet powerful manner. Therefore, if the goal is selling products or explaining concepts to more massive crowds, at that time animated explainer videos can remain the audience engaged as well as enthusiastic about what you’re saying. Animated videos are the eye-catching way that attracts more viewers’ attention towards the product as well as brand and boost sales. So, if you want to have more viewers and convert them into customers, so have animated explainer videos production.

Brand video production Chicago

Brand video productions are the perfect way to create a personality for your company as well as your brand, also allowing you to connect with your viewer & earn their trust. 90% of users say that product videos are accommodating in the decision process. Plus, the more videos you have to assist educate as well as inform your viewers, the more you will build on that foundation of trust. Further, trust translates to sales. So, with the assistance of videos, you can grow your brand market and have several options to explore. So, for brand awareness, you can have the brand video production services within your budget.

Brand Video Production Services
Product Video Production Services

Product video production Chicago

Product video production prospects better understanding of the product or a brand. With the assistance of product videos, you can easily boost your sale as well as a rise in conversion rate. Also, you can get a double advantage in sales as compared to your competitors. Because, videos are the way to inform as well as engage the existing, plus potential customers & promote the product accurately. With the services of visualization, it’s super easy to chop & screw various videos into the second's clips & creates a visually appealing feed, which results in more customers. Moreover, you can have a remarkable effect on videos.

Real estate video production Chicago

Videos are more useful in every field, if we talk about real estate, then real estate video production is useful, which assists to have more leads generation. Also, videos are much-improved advertising for your real estate listings than pictures as well as texts. Moreover, your clients will most certainly not read long articles; they just take a look at the video and decide which one is more attractive and beneficial. If we talk about pictures, then they can be edited, whereas video plays an important role and builds trust. In the real estate field, the trust comes first that you can describe with the help of videos.

real estate video production chicago
corporate video production services

Corporate Video Production Chicago

Corporate video production is the procedure that assists you to acquire a better rank on a search engine like YouTube. Well, the smartest way to grow your business at an international level is called corporate video production. There is no denying that more than 50% of users prefer to watch videos of a product as compared to read about it. Further, videos can generate a strong emotional response as well as feeling. Therefore, whatever they are of a type such as happiness, laughter, shock, or something else, videos can create an emotional response, all these videos engage more traffic that results in high ranking.

Commercial Video Production Chicago

In the technical era, people prefer more time online searching things, therefore, exploring your brand and product commercial videos are most important. Numerous viewers get attracted by the videos and buy the products. Therefore, the quality of the video and the presentation of the video matters a lot. Moreover, viewing a video ad as well as discovering it interesting or valuable will share it with their followers on social media. Also, with the help of this, viewers will get a better knowledge of your message & remember more with video content. This strategy will help to have customers, an easy way to explore the product.

commercial video production services
social media video production services

Social Media Video Production Chicago

To increase user engagement as well as boost the ROI of the company then social media video production is the best choice. With the assistance of social media videos, you make video integral to your social media marketing strategy that attracts more audience towards your website. Also, these videos generate more leads & attract your target audience. Social media videos help you to maintain your online presence & boost your conversion rate. Moreover, above 60 % of viewers buy the things after watching the social media videos, so to explore your brand social media video production is a must to have in the business industry.

Photography Services

Chicago headshot photographer

Reflect your brand image in a professional way, with our expert Chicago headshot photographer. Headshot photography is helpful for you in numerous ways as you can make use of it for your specialized business website, for modeling purposes, & for keeping it at home as a memory of your life. Plus, the specialized headshot photography will not only deliver you for making a good profile for the job, however, but it will also assist you in other fields such as social media profiles, modeling, & acting, business industry, and many more. Moreover, it always provides you with the satisfaction of quality work and boosts your brand sales.

headshot photography services
real estate photography services

Real estate photographer Chicago

Today, it can be extremely tricky to actually get a house noticed. A study reveals that high-quality professional photos of real estate simply draw more concentration than their amateur counterparts. Moreover, buyers are in the search for new homes on the internet as well as making their decisions about which properties to investigate very quickly. Therefore, the ultimate thing to bring in these potential buyers is to hire a professional who will capture the property beautifully. We have a team of experienced real estate photographers in Chicago who delivers you the ultimate shoot with high-quality services & increase your sales.

Chicago product Photography

We deliver the ultimate Chicago product photography that will assist you to beat your competitors in the market. We are professional in providing services that can easily be identified by their quality, lighting as well as clarity. Also, product photography is not a short-term plan, well its goes long-running and recognized the product value in the industry. Well, Consumer focuses on image quality. Therefore, product photography’s photographs can communicate your brand values and increase your sales and attract more viewers towards your product & grab their attention very easily. So, get easy to have more customers.

product photography services
commercial photography services

Commercial Photographers Chicago

We have a proficient team of Commercial photographers in Chicago, who deliver the ultimate commercial shoot that helps you to build a good impression in the market. With the assistance of these services, you definitely will grab the attention of the customers. Well, selling a product or service depends on receiving a positive emotional response. Therefore, plan & shoot commercial photography will always highlight the emotional core of your product or service can generate a response that resonates with your customer. Also, Commercial photography emphasizes your brand's dedication to professionalism, quality as well as success.

Why Choose Us?

K3VideoProduction understands the power of visual storytelling no matter what business you are in, which is the reason why our team goes above and beyond in terms of understanding your objectives and business challenges for delivering a phenomenal video On-time and on budget. Our endeavor is to enlist ourselves into the minutest of the details, in terms of offering high-quality services, which doesn't fall short of our client's needs and requirements, not even by an inch.

animated explainer video production

Animated Explainer Video

Well, with our animation video production, K3 video production able to layout a perfect story and bring it to life. Explore your brand worldwide, as we provide Animated video services nation-wide.

Animated Video Production➜


Tradeshow Exhibit

In the digitalized era, video is a great tool for the event organizer to capture the show experience & use it for year-round engagement and marketing purposes. K3videoproduction can help you build your video library.

Tradeshow Video➜



K3videoproduction is a commercial photographer has a wealth of experience in commercial photography including corporate photography and industrial photography. K3’s Photography creates fantastic images.

Commercial Photography Expert➜

video production

Video Production

K3 video Productions stands out from most video production companies because we offer many different types of videos. And, an expert in going the extra mile, also we offer full-service video production as well as video editing services & digital advertising.

Video Production Expert➜

corporate video production

Corporate Event Video

You in the competitive business society need to find an event video production company you can trust to represent your brand, manage a seamless schedule, and capture your event perfectly. K3videoproduction is the best Corporate event video production makers.

Event Video Expert➜

brand video

Brand Video Production

At whatever time introducing your company to a new client or customer you have a big opportunity to make a positive as well as lasting impression, then K3 video production offers you the high quality of brand video production nation-wide.

Brand Video Expert➜


What is video production? What are the advantages?

Video production is a way of telling the product’s descriptions and benefits in a short story or video. In other words, video production means a fast video shot on your smartphone to a well-thought-out sales video filmed by a media creation company.
Moreover, video is measured as an essential part of a valuable marketing plan, though you have a small business or a part of a large corporation.

What are the types of video production? Which type suits my business?

Well, there are numerous different types of video production available. The most common video productions are TV production, corporate videos, product videos, trade shows, and customer testimonial videos, marketing videos, event videos, and many more. Therefore, if you are looking for which type is suitable, then according to your business type you can select that type of video production.

Would my business benefit from video production?

In short yes, whatever your business is small or big, you would get numerous benefits with the assistance of video production. Such as creating brand awareness, boost your product sale, increase ranking, attracting new customers, and build trust with your customers, and many more.

How much time will it take to complete the video production process?

If you are talking about time, then it depends on the videos, such as high-quality video takes approximately 4 weeks to 8 weeks approximately. On the other hand, template video strength only takes a few days because they are pre-designed. Honestly speaking, the duration of a video depends on the quality of as well as the animation of the videos.

What is the video production procedure?

Video production is the process of producing video content. Also, it is almost similar to filmmaking, the only difference seems that in video production, there is a short video of products that shows its description along with the images, graphics, animation, and recorded digitally. The video production process is of three categories pre-video production, video production, and post video production.

Types of video production service you are providing?

K3 Video production is a well-known company for delivering the ultimate services of video production. We provide a wide range of video production services such as corporate video production, trade show video production, brand video production, animated video production, product video production, social media video production, and many more for which you can explore your business and boost your sale.


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