About Us

K3 is a premium out-of-the-box video production company in Chicago that has for 20 years, made visual storytelling a passionate and fulfilling endeavor. We make videos that stand out and convey powerful messages for your brand.

Who We Are?

We are a full-service video production company in Chicago, providing services all over the US. As veterans in the art of creating visually powerful stories, we have more than 200 projects to our credit, spanning various industry verticals from entertainment to fashion to education and software. Our videos are inspired by human experiences, designed by story-telling experts, and backed by intelligent technologies.

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How We Work

Our video production process is designed to accommodate your best interests at all times. We incorporate the best ideas, the best techniques, and the best technologies to implement the ideas in the form of video, and through every milestone of our process, we make sure to keep you in the mix so that the video turns out to be exactly what you envisioned and perhaps better.

The first stage of our process involves discovery and ideation. This is where we will have our initial discussion about the project, covering your goals and objectives for the video, your vision on the whole, and other details of the project. Our team will then start the brainstorming session to come up with unique ideas and concepts for filming your video idea, along with the possible ways to shoot and finish. We will divide the stage into smaller milestones for ease of progress, transparency, and to be agile. Once the concepts and videography styles have been finalized, we will decide on a shoot day, to bring your project to life.

The second phase of our process starts with the shoot day. We set out as a team with the best equipment, technologies, and creative crew to shoot the content for the video, at the specific locations that we have decided, or in our studio.

The third phase involves post-production activities including editing, adding animations, graphics, audio content, and more to transform the reels into visual artwork. Our editing team uses the most professional software with game-changing capabilities to deliver outstanding results.

Once you have approved our final edited video file, it is time for release. We’ll share the masterpiece with you in the desired format and celebrate another great cooperation.

Our Inclusive Work Culture

At K3, we promote and maintain an inclusive, pleasant, safe, judgment-free, and growth-oriented work culture where our strongest power; human resources, are happy, satisfied, and always enthusiastic to give their best.

Learning and Development

Exciting and valuable learning opportunities, workshops, and training programs for employees to upskill themselves and prepare themselves for growth in their careers.

Mindful Personal Guidance

Thoughtfully developed mindfulness sessions and personalized programs to ensure sound mental health for employees.

Constructive Feedback

Growth-focused mentorship and constructive feedback for employees to flourish in their job.

Inclusive & Open-Culture

Open and warm work culture for employees that discourages any form of discrimination based on any human attribute.

Innovation & Quality First

Highly motivated production team with utmost focus on innovative new concepts and top-notch quality of our services

Proactive Implementation

Enthusiastic problem-solvers brimming with ideas and a collective responsibility mindset to offer proactive solutions for projects where needed.

World-Class Opportunities

World-class clients and world-class opportunities for employees to challenge themselves and grow.

Latest Technologies

The latest and best photography and videography equipment, editing and animation technologies, and more for employees to work with.

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Our Core Values

At K3 we believe in creating an equal and inclusive environment for employees to work and grow without any limitations whatsoever. For the same reason, K3 functions with three values at its core.


Impactful Innovations

We work with an unwavering commitment to offer absolute service excellence and customer satisfaction. Hence we invest only in the best equipment and technologies to help our employees deliver their best. We also provide world-class training opportunities, books, exclusive subscriptions, and other valuable material to help our employees grow.



We believe in maintaining a healthy and happy work environment for our employees so that they are always excited and enthusiastic to work on projects. As part of our self-development initiatives, we provide personalized mentorship programs, training workshops, mindfulness sessions, interactive sessions, and community meet-ups to encourage personal growth.


Work-life Balance

Our culture is not always all about work. We are quite particular about our employees spending quality time with their loved ones as well. As part of our initiatives to maintain a great work environment, we offer the best infrastructure, flexible working hours, paid parental leave, paid time off, and many other privileges to promote a healthy work-life balance.