Technologies And Trends Driving The Future of Video Production

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Technological advancements have been shaping the growth curve for industries since the advent of the digital age. Unsurprisingly, the realm of video content has also been evolving progressively, led by the continued and persistent emergence of new groundbreaking solutions. The resultant power of video has only doubled, leading companies the world over to adopt the latest tech as part of their comprehensive marketing investments. As anticipated, many of these technologies are strongly driving the future of video content. A majority of video projects undertaken by our team at Cleveland over the past few months have embraced the best of these systems.

Projected by our experts in video production in Cleveland, here is a look into some of the latest technologies and trends driving the future of video.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR), one of the most popular immersive technologies that emerged over the past few years has come to revolutionize video content creation as well. Through its ability to generate stimulated realistic environments, it creates exceptional video experiences for viewers, greatly affecting its impact on the human mind. It has taken the world of entertainment, gaming, industrial training, and virtual tours by storm, and for good reason. With the help of customized VR headsets as supplied by companies like Oculus, viewers can explore comprehensive and rich videos of products and services, helping them make more informed decisions, and ultimately improving the bottom line for brands.

360-degree video

360-degree videos are another revolutionary digital advancement that often works in conjunction with VR. With the help of multiple cameras or Avant Garde omnidirectional cameras, 360-degree videos offer views of products from every angle. Put together with immersive VR technologies, this trend allows customers to explore a product or an accompanying experience from multiple perspectives, thereby creating a superior-quality immersive video experience that conventional videos do not offer. These videos are particularly popular in industries like real estate, entertainment, and sports, where customers can access convenient in-depth tours from the comfort of their homes, much like a personal visit.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the fastest-growing technologies embraced by brands in their video content strategies today. It blends immersive digital elements with the real world and provides a riveting experience for viewers where they get to interact with products or services in real-time. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are already paving the way in this read, demonstrating how to spark engagement with AR, by creating AR-infused filters. The trend is also particularly adopted by companies in the education, lifestyle, and corporate industries; children and corporate employees can be educated and trained using AR-infused methods to facilitate a hands-on learning experience, and customers can get a realistic and original experience of a product within their homes in the lifestyle segment. It is one of the most popular technologies now as identified by our experts in video production in Cleveland.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely used by video professionals to catalyze the production process by automating less creative tasks. Generative AI can use existing content including audio, text, and video to create new original content. AI-infused editing software on the other hand can speed up the editing process by automating things like removing filler footage or audio, refining the footage for redundant clips, etc. Many advanced editing solutions can further identify key moments in the video and create more professional edits.

Furthermore, machine learning capabilities and AI algorithms are also used on the delivery end. Video streaming platforms can utilize AI to identify the watching patterns of customers and provide suitable recommendations, as initiated by YouTube and Netflix.

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Personalization in marketing is no new feat. However, in today’s age video marketers have elevated the concept to provide ultra-personalized videos to win the love and trust of customers. Many brands create unique short personal videos incorporating the names of existing or prospective customers, for use in email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, etc. This leverages the psychological impact that an individual’s name has on them.

Other brands utilize AI-infused data analytics to identify purchase or browsing patterns on shopping websites or watch patterns on video streaming platforms to provide personalized recommendations, offers, and more. Our experts in video production in Cleveland recommend using ultra-personalization as one of the most effective ways to earn conversions and repeat purchases from existing customers.

Interactive video

Interactive videos are fast gaining popularity as a powerful engaging content format, especially in the world of corporate videos. In these videos, viewers can find interesting elements to click on or interact with in other ways, and explore additional content worth watching to reading. Brands also use interactive elements to infuse direct purchase links to products, provide additional information related to a product, etc.

Interactive videos provide an enhanced and immersive video viewing experience for customers, with the elements further creating a sense of value and worth. Most viewers appreciate the thoughtfulness and engaging factors that collectively make these videos a popular trend. Live videos on social media platforms with polls and quizzes are some of the perfect examples of interactive videos that drive engagement and subsequent connections.

Mobile-first approach

Smartphones and similar mobile devices are the most dominant digital tools being used today. Hence, it only makes sense for video producers to adopt a mobile-first approach where they create videos that conform to the unique needs of mobile viewing. For example, marketers often optimize their video resolutions to fit a square or vertical format, to cater to viewers’ preferences on social media. Furthermore, many video experts also adopt mobile-oriented editing software to ensure that videos are edited in alignment with the viewing experience on a mobile device.

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One of the main advantages of adopting efficient mobile-oriented production processes is faster turnaround times. According to our experts in video production in Cleveland, the increasing number of projects prioritizing mobile devices has led video production to become faster and more efficient, as it allows integration with social media platforms seamlessly.

Collaborative production tools

 Video content inevitably needs high-level sharing platforms through which multiple team members involved in the production process can collaboratively contribute to add value. They say necessity powers invention, and sure enough, this has led to the emergence of collaborative efficient production tools, such as editing software, through which different members can work on projects simultaneously while sharing ideas and updates in real time. This has been a revolutionary development for production teams the world over, as it not only helps save time but also ensures accuracy and adherence to the common goals and objectives of the project. Furthermore, it fosters a sense of collective responsibility which encourages team members to give their best.

Wrapping up

As the landscape of video content changes and evolves through the years, new and improved technologies are revolutionizing the way viewers consume and respond to content. This necessitates brands to adopt these tech trends so that they can stay relevant in a highly competitive business world, and forge good customer relationships, ultimately contributing to increased conversions. From virtual reality to 360-degree videos to interactive elements and collaborative AI-infused production tools, there is much to look forward to in the future of video. The fact remains, however, that immersive, engaging, and creatively superior marketing videos are in for the long haul.

To incorporate these trends and more into your brand video, contact K3 Video Production, Cleveland, and Chicago.

Projected by our experts in Video Production Chicago, here is a look into some of the latest technologies and trends driving the future of video.

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