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We create crisp and stellar explainer videos that cut the ambiguity out in minutes and convey what you do, clearly.

In other words, we help you retain those visitors that hate a conventional sales pitch or verbose company literature.

The main purpose of an explainer video is to help your potential customers understand what you do or what your product does in two minutes or less, in a fun and engaging way. This helps them easily get your offering without having to go through long chunks of text, thereby increasing their chances of clicking through to the next step.

At K3, we have a team of professional video animation sharks who have mastered the craft of explainer video production. We offer 2D as well as 3D animation services for our explainer videos so that you get what best fits your unique business model.

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What are animated explainer videos?

Animated explainer videos are essentially ultra-short videos lasting two minutes or less, that are designed to explain the product or service you offer in a crisp, clear, and visually engaging manner. They are called by many names including homepage videos, and conversion videos.

Why do I need an explainer video?

Statistics suggest that over 80% of businesses were able to increase conversions exponentially by using animated explainer videos on their home page. This is primarily because of the fact that an explainer video breaks down a problem and spells out the solution for a customer who comes looking for it. Rather than having to wade through large chunks of text page after page to find out what the company can do for them, they get to watch a simple, straightforward, and fun 2-minute video on exactly how the company can help them. This makes it easier for them to make a decision and call or place an inquiry. Other than that, here are a few more amazing ways in which animated explainer videos can immensely help you.

Explainer videos can invoke emotion

A large majority of the information that the human brain processes, is visual. Explainer videos make use of this very quality to convey a message to them.

Moreover, it is also scientifically proven that more than 60% of people are visual learners. This means they are more likely to understand a video than plain explainer texts.

On top of being visually appealing to viewers and making it simpler for them, explainer videos can be creatively made to invoke emotions. And human beings invariably resonate with emotionally relatable content. Once again, this makes us form a connection with the customer, while at the same time inducing them to make a purchase.

At K3, we love coming up with creative ideas that can instantly form a connection for explainer video production. Our behavioral marketing experts have aced the art of creating emotionally appealing concepts for explainer videos in the past.

We can do the same for you. Give us a quick call to see how your story can be made emotionally appealing to customers.

Using animated explainer videos can increase website traffic

Embedding a great explainer video on your home page can increase traffic to your website by a great deal.

This is because search engines favor video content. Their ranking factors consider video content to be a form of reliable information. Search engine bots and crawlers also easily recognize and scan video content, which gives your website a better chance to rank as well.

Results pages display good explainer videos from credible websites on top, which in turn gives you more click-throughs and traffic.

Explainer videos can also improve your SEO ranking

Now we already know that explainer videos are favored by search engine crawlers and that they can help boost traffic. As an extension of this benefit, your SEO ranking also improves.

This happens in several ways.

Firstly, great quality video content with specific keywords and solutions to commonly searched problems will most definitely appear on top of search results. This will improve organic traffic and credibility in general, and increased credibility translates to better SEO ranking.

In addition to that, short video content is highly likely to be shared among communities more. This also reflects in your SEO rankings owing to more backlinks.

K3 is an expert explainer video production company in Chicago that specializes in SEO-optimized high-quality content. We have experts in SEO as well as animation and strategy, the combined experience of all of which your company can gain a competitive edge with.

Explainer videos help simplify even your most complex products and services

Animated explainer videos allow room to explain even your most complex and dry offerings in a fun and engaging way.

A lot of potential customers are very likely to skip through to your competitor if your website is not clear or uses too much jargon. On the other hand, if your video is the first one that appears on search results, and explains the most boring service in a way that is understandable to the visitor, then you’ve probably already won the customer over.

For the same reason, such animated videos are specifically useful for companies that offer conventionally complex products or services. If your video can break things down for your customer, when similar companies cannot, that’s a surefire way to make them feel special and in turn, favor you over others.

The K3 explainer video production and creative team are trained to break concepts down and extract simpler digestible bits of information from large and complex subjects. We sit together and brainstorm unique ideas to present your offering in an easily understandable way to your audience.

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The perfect pitch

Explainer videos are an exceptional means to deliver the perfect pitch to a potential client or even a company stakeholder. They are designed carefully and strategically, to include every single important feature or aspect of your product or service in a clear and concise way.

Hence you don’t have to worry about forgetting to mention some features or mixing up the capabilities of your product when you try to explain manually to a potential client. Your explainer video will do everything for you and give you the advantage of a well-rounded product pitch.

At K3, we provide the most thoughtfully designed concepts and storylines for explainer video production. We give the most priority to simplifying your offering, without taking away from the important features, because we truly believe that a great explainer video also serves as the perfect pitch.

Our animated explainer video production process

At K3, we follow a dynamic and iterative explainer video production process where we have no limits on versions and we also always keep you in the mix at every step.
At every stage and every step we take, we run our progress by you to make sure that we are on the same page. We move on to the next one only once we get the green light from you. As mentioned before, we have a very transparent and dynamic production process where we are open to your thoughts and requirements at all times.

Types of animated videos we provide

As a full-fledged explainer video production company, we offer our animation services in 2D as well as 3D. We have highly qualified teams handling both types of videos to make sure that we get to help companies of all types and sizes.

2D Animation

Our 2D animation videos are designed to simplify complex concepts and deliver a straightforward message to your audience in an easy-to-understand and engaging way. As a team we brainstorm and come up with unique concepts to present your idea, build the necessary elements for the video, draft a script and storyboard, and finally render the animation. Once approved by you, the video can be published on your home page or where you need it to be viewed most.

Our 2D animation videos are perfect for SaaS products, start-ups, apps, and any service or product that is conceptual while at the same time needs simplification.

3D Animation

Cartoon-based videos or 2D animation sometimes don’t cut it, especially when you need a video to display specific functionalities of your product. To better cater to such needs, we have a 3D rendering team as well, who can create realistic 3D models of your product or device by extracting technical information from your engineering files. We also add movement and animate your product with a detailed display of descriptions and features wherever needed.

Our 3D animation videos are perfect for industrial applications or training videos where specific functionalities have to be described and displayed up close with great precision.

Count on K3 for the most effective animated explainer video production

With more than a decade of experience in animated video production, K3 offers one of the most reliable teams to create explainer videos for your company. Apart from experts in graphic design and animation, our creative team consists of professionals in SEO, copywriting as well as content strategy. This makes us capable of creating not only high-quality animation but also far-reaching messages through the animation placed strategically to make sure that the viewer drives it straight home.

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An explainer video is an ultra-short video lasting two minutes or less, designed to simplify and explain a product or service in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner. It makes use of high-quality motion graphics and animation to deliver a message through a thoughtfully designed story and script.

It is essentially meant for potential customers or other users to quickly understand what a company or a product does.

A typical effective animated explainer video must have the following attributes:

  •         Ultra-short in length; lasting two minutes or less
  •         Clear and concise message
  •         A friendly and conversational tone of narration or storytelling
  •         Crisp explanation of basics
  •         Clear audio
  •         A focus on what customers stand to benefit from rather than product features
  •         A specific call-to-action for marketing

Animated explainer videos are meant to be used at the beginning of customer journeys. Alternatively, for sales funnels, they can be used at the initial discovery or consideration stages.
This is because the video allows your company to be discovered and considered by potential customers looking for specific solutions. For the same reason, it should ideally be placed where your potential customers are likely to look for a solution to their problem.

For eg. Home pages, product landing pages, service pages, newsletters, and the like are excellent places to display your video. You can also include it in your pitches, proposals, sales meetings, and trade shows as well, where you have a chance to introduce your innovative new product into the market.

Explainer video production, being a very subjective affair, takes different timelines depending on the message, the elements involved, the complexity of the idea, etc. However for reference purposes, on average, a simple animated explainer video can take anywhere between 8-10 weeks. This does not include the time for feedback relay and revisions.

For more complex videos and for animations requiring careful deliberation and revisions, we may take 10-12 weeks.

Live-action videos, with moving parts and 3D animated elements, can take 12 weeks or longer.

To start with, we require full details of your product or services, its features, and specifications if any, its capabilities, details of its target audience, and its benefits. We will also need the message intended to be delivered, if any. In addition, we will also need your brand information, your strategies, and your objectives with the product.

Our team will get in touch with you with specific questions to cover the discovery phase of explainer video production.

We have more than 10 years of experience in animated explainer video production. We have been able to simplify complicated product ideas and service concepts in minutes for companies and have helped them connect with their customers more effectively. We have also been able to improve the conversion rates of more than 80% of companies substantially by strategically placing a well-designed explainer video in their marketing venues.

In terms of technical experience, we have professionally qualified teams in 2D, as well as 3D animation to help companies in all industries, take advantage of a creative video idea.

We provide animated video production services all over the US.

Our explainer video production process is transparent and iterative. We make sure to keep you in the mix at all times.

Once we get into production, our team gets together at every stage of development and runs the progress by you to ensure that the video is coming out exactly the way you want it. From discovery to ideation, to script writing and animation we take you along the journey of the video in real-time.

If you feel the need to make changes at any point in the production process, you can communicate it with our team and accommodate your needs.

Over a span of more than 10 years, we have worked with clients in a wide array of industries including software and tech, education, fashion, digital marketing, food, health, nutrition, employee training, automobile, and many more.

The cost of explainer videos is largely dependent on the scope of the video and the level of simplification required. There can be simple videos where the storyline and script can be created with a little deliberation. There can also be videos where the concept has to be broken down and studied to develop an easy storyline.

Feel free to give us a quick call to tell us your requirements and we’ll come up with a rough estimate for you.