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At K3 video production, we offer many different video production services to suit your individual video needs.

Well, Crowdfunding & fundraising is nothing new. Sites like K3 Video production Chicago offers best Crowdfunding video Chicago, as well as other sites, delivers Kickstarter videos Chicago, Indiegogo video Chicago have not only given people seeking funding a wonderful, socially-driven resource to help them meet their fundraising goals, however, it’s proven to respond exponentially to ideas & products that will change the game (whatever game that may be).

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K3’s crowdfunding video production tips

1. Show yourself

Firstly, your investors need to feel like they know you. So, if they are going to part with their cash, they need to trust the person behind the business they are investing in. Thus, with crowdfunding campaigns you are targeting thousands of investors at one time, well it’s impossible to meet them all in person. Hence, use your video to make a good impression.

2. Tell a story

Secondly, to forge a deeper connection with potential investors tell them why you believe in this product, service or business model. Well, stories are memorable & people like to retell them. Thus, if you can include a good story in your crowdfunding video, people are much more likely to share it. And, it might even stand a chance of going viral.

3. Messaging is key

Next, if you want to turn viewers into backers, then you need to nail the messaging in your crowdfunding pitch. Also, investors using this model are typically driven by an emotional connection with the product, thus it’s important to make this connection in your video.

4. Make it easy to invest

Moreover, have a clear call to action. So, tell the investor what they stand to gain & how they can go about investing. Therefore, we highly recommend testing your script on potential investors before proceeding with your crowdfunding video production.

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K3 offers a crowdfunding video production service that has been built on a solid understanding of this unique process. And, we know that you need a premium product to maximize your chances of success while minimizing your up-front investment. Therefore, we offer a flexible pricing structure that enables you to pay some of our fees once you have completed your round.