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The word is out. Video content is the name of the game.

Video Production in Chicago in Fine Feather

Attention spans are going down and the one to catch that wavering mind in the blink of an eye; takes it all.

If you haven’t managed to make someone stop in their stride (or scroll) and take a second look in the first 3 seconds of an impression, then your competitor already has.

Unless you have an unfair advantage over them.

Here’s how you can get that unfair advantage.

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Video Production for the win

Video production in Chicago is all about persuasive storytelling and we can give you the leverage that you inevitably need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Statistics suggest that the average user spends close to 100 minutes a day watching digital videos.

That’s 100 minutes for you to influence their mind and induce action from them through visual storytelling.

We’ll help you make the most of those 100 minutes through our time-tested powerful storytelling techniques.

Video Production is the Art of Visual Storytelling

At K3, we believe that visual storytelling is an art. And as is the case with all art, you need passion to nurture it and bring it to fruition.

It is similar in process to filmmaking, except that commercial video production needs to send a message within unbelievably short time frames as opposed to a two-hour movie.

In other words, it takes relentless passion and mind-blowing creativity to make powerful videos that click!

That’s why we can proudly say, we have the best resources – our exemplary creative minds.

Even if you have the driest and most long-winded story to tell, give us a call and sit back as our pros unleash the magic in your story.

We’ll help you make the most of those 100 minutes through our time-tested powerful storytelling techniques.

Corporate Video Production Company

Why choose K3 for video production in Chicago

A large majority of users who watch a video explaining a product or service subsequently go on to buy it. However, there is also a share of people who get easily put off by a video that doesn’t do the job well.

We at K3, understand the complexities of human emotions more than anything else. We can proudly say we built the confidence to say it with conviction, over years of being in the creative industry. Our creative professionals know what it takes to reach out to people and deliver a message effectively.

We are a known name in video production in Chicago for good reason.

We engage the audience

Our story-telling techniques are time-tested for their efficacy and reach. Our creative heads have the professional expertise to take an idea and deliver it so that it lingers on in the minds and eyes of the viewer. Suffice it to say, we know how to keep your viewers preoccupied and engrossed in our visual story.

We utilize intensely hued animation techniques to bring your ideas to life

Only the best video production companies in Chicago invest in offering world-class animation privileges to brands across the city. We know how important it is to create high-quality, powerful, and visually delightful videos for your audience to get your message across. We use state-of-the-art technologies in animation and production to make this possible for you.

Quick and seamless delivery

While we all understand that creating quality video content takes time, we also know that the competition out there is real. Customers buy from the brands that give them the best experience first. This is why we go above and beyond to produce premium-quality video content for you in comparatively less time. We have passionate professionals working day in and day out to make sure your story is delivered in the best possible way at the right time.

How we work

Our services span a wide range of video content including corporate and commercial video and photography. We offer services starting right from pre-production to post-production and we make use of the best resources; both human and tech, to offer you a seamless video production experience.

Here’s a quick overview of how we work.


Our video production process starts with a basic idea. A part of the pre-production phase; ideation is where the story for the video is created with possible ways of execution.

Audience research

Once the basic idea is formed, it is time to conduct thorough audience research to find out what the audience likes. This gives a clearer picture of the best way possible to execute the story.

Data analytics

Next, we carry out a proper analysis of the gathered audience data as well as feasibility data to further map out our execution strategy.

Creative development

Now for the interesting part; once the numbers are worked out and fixed, it is time to start production. Our talented creative heads get together to brainstorm the creative aspects of the video at this stage.


A great story naturally calls for a winning script. In this stage, we work out the script for the video.

Storyboarding and shortlisting

Along with a great script, a powerful video needs a stellar storyboard. The basic story idea is already in place. In this stage, we stretch it out and shortlist the elements required to make the video more effective.


Elements and resources required for the video are planned and sorted. Now it is time to get things moving. The logistics for production and execution are planned and implemented in this stage. We also do some location scouting to find the perfect backgrounds to shoot the content.

Crewing and casting

The most important elements of the video are of course the crew and cast, as they play a big role in how the video turns out for the public eye. After planning and sourcing the creative elements of the video we set out to find the best talent for your video.

Booking kit

After finalizing the cast and crew, the dates are fixed, the locations and other elements are booked and the crew prepares for the shoot.


Time for the most exciting part of video creation: the filming process. The story is filmed over the planned number of days according to the script and storyboard in this stage.

Final cut

Now we get into post-production processes. The filmed reels are edited in this stage and the required creative elements are added to form the entire video. This is where all the magic happens.


The video is ready for release. The masterpiece is publicly shared with the target audience according to the execution plan in this stage. Now, all we have to do is, wait for the response and then the insights.

We have professional teams working on every stage and every aspect of video production in Chicago. Their expertise and experience ensure that we get the best outcome.

Our strategy

Over several years, we have been able to establish ourselves as a known name in the field of video production in Chicago. This was possible because of our relentless commitment to the three pillars of our business.

Best quality

We strive for the best quality across all aspects of video production. Whether it is the video quality or the story-telling aspect or the talent scouting or any other part of the piece of content, we like to utilize all our resources to ensure the best. We strongly believe that each element collectively contributes to the magic of the outcome.


Once we establish our partnership, we keep you in the loop throughout the different stages of production. Right from pre-production to release, we make sure to update you on the progress, discuss changes, and only move forward if we get the nod from you. At the end of the day, it is your story to tell, and your satisfaction is our end goal.

Innovative ideas

We have a professional team of creative artists who are always on top of the latest trends, technologies, and updates in the video production industry. Put together with their experience, we always get to come up with stellar combinations of out-of-the-box ideas and effective story-telling techniques.

The most reliable video production company in Chicago is ready to hear your idea!

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Let’s hear it!

Our team will multiply its impact and deliver the message with stunning grace!

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1.      What is a corporate video and how or where do I use one?

A corporate video is a non-advertisement-based video that is meant to serve a purpose for a company. It includes videos for training and instruction, safety videos, product or concept presentation videos, business event summaries, interviews with important company heads, and the like.

You can use a corporate video according to its purpose and according to the number of people you need to communicate the idea with. Videos are usually made if a message has to be shared with a fairly large crowd.

2.      Do I need to have a script ready for video production?

No. All you need to have is an idea along with clear objectives on what you wish to achieve with the video. We will take care of the rest.

3.      How long should my video be?

Some videos require a pre-determined length, in which case we stick to the rule. This is true for platforms such as TikTok or Instagram. For other platforms like YouTube, the video can be longer. However, as a general rule it is best to keep videos comparatively short; not more than a few minutes if we wish to retain customers through till the end.

All that being said, we are always open to discussing your needs specifically and coming up with customized solutions, that work best for your business.

4.      How long will it take for my video to be produced?

It depends on the type of video we are making together and the inputs you can give us. For example, a corporate video may take longer averaging anywhere between six to eight weeks, but social videos can usually be turned in faster.

Some of our clients come to us with specific cast or crew members in mind, which helps us reduce the production time further.

As mentioned on our page we use all our resources and try our best to work fast to be able to give you your video in comparatively less time. Quick and timely approvals from your end will also help us deliver quicker.

5. What does the whole process of video production in Chicago involve?

From a broad perspective, video production in Chicago mostly involves three stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.
Pre-production – this stage involves tasks where we study your requirements, study your audience, figure out the story of the video, and devise strategies to execute production in the best way possible. Steps like ideation, scripting, and audience analysis come under the pre-production phase.
Production – this stage involves action; that is, filming or shooting the content according to the planned script, storyboard, and locations.
Post-production – this stage entails tasks that turn the filmed footage into a release-worthy video. Needless to say, it involves jobs like editing and incorporating changes.

6.      What kind of equipment do you use to shoot videos?

We have some of the best production equipment in the industry including cameras that can shoot in 4.5 K resolution and top-notch lighting to match the video quality. This makes sure that you get the best value for money when you work with us. Rest assured you will receive the highest quality, in terms of output that is available in video production today.

7.      In what format will you be sharing my final video?

We share our final videos in the most commonly used and widely accepted formats such as .mp4 or .mov. However, if there is any other format that you would like us to share your video in, we will be happy to convert it for you.

8.      Will I get hard copies of my footage?

If you need hard copies, you can provide a USB or a hard drive and we can transfer it for you.

9.      What happens if my shoot gets canceled? Do I get a refund?

We usually don’t provide refunds. However, if your shoot gets canceled due to unforeseen circumstances we can offer credit and arrange to set up a new shoot date according to your convenience and our availability.

10.  What is your pricing for video production in Chicago?

The price of video production in Chicago depends largely on how big the project is, the type of video content needed, and many other factors. We try to give you the best value for money with our available resources. You can give us a call to discuss your requirements and the pricing before moving on to production.

What Do We Offer?

We don’t boast of offering the highest-quality service, but our testimonials do. Since state-of-art technology backs our team, we are in a comfortable state to provide you with versatility and first-rate imagery and film production. Our services do not limit to only corporate video and photography but also commercial video and photography. We are a known face in Chicago Video Production as our working style is enjoyable. We plan to shape your identity by teaming up, growing your idea by putting our concepts too. Our services right from pre-production to post-productions undeniably the best in the industry.

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