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At K3 video production, we offer many different video production services to suit your individual video needs.

We all know video content is everywhere on social media. And, approximately 70% of consumer internet traffic is video, also with social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat increasingly pushing this content, it’s a safe bet for your social media strategy. Therefore, K3 video production, the ultimate service of social media and considered as the best Social Media video production in Chicago. Also, our social videos generate leads, create social trends, boost engagement and build communities.

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Social media assists to convert your viewers into buyers

A study proved that exposure to a product on the social web positively affects the likelihood to purchase by 44%. And, video is the best way for the viewer to understand the advantages & disadvantages of a product online. However, many times product demonstration videos on social media can drive viewers straight to the purchase page of your website. Plus, by adding the appropriate links to lead the viewer to your site below the video you’ve shared on social media, you’ve drastically increased your chances of a sale.

K3’s Social Video Increases Engagement

Well, the most engaging content is now video. And, all of the most popular social media platforms have added a native video component because video drives more engagement than any other type of content available on the Internet today. For instance take Facebook, by uploading native content to the platform brands are seeing up to 53% more shares from videos. Thus, even better numbers have been seen with Instagram video, where videos reportedly create double the engagement of images. Also, Instagram video is proven to deliver positive ad recall & boost brand awareness. K3 can help your brand develop a short-form video that fits perfectly with your Instagram video marketing strategy. Plus, we have an expert creative team that can craft customized, original animated videos for Facebook, Instagram, & other popular platforms.

For K3 video Production Quality matter

Well, Social media have given brands unprecedented opportunities to reach huge numbers of potential customers & advocates. However, consumers have high expectations for the video quality on social which means production value is important when it comes to planning your social video strategy. Therefore k3 video production offers the best quality of Social media video production service Chicago city.

To conclude, to have the best social media marketing or social media video production company within your budget, just call K3 today!