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Well, you may think that it would be a good idea to skip on hiring a professional trade show videographer & just handling it on your own. But, this is a very bad idea. In the competitive era, people can more emphasis on high quality & gravitate towards it. So, this then also means, by default, people are distancing themselves from low quality work. Thus, the importance of quality is, arguably, most commonly present with video. And, nobody wants to watch a grainy, out of focus video with poor sound. Plus, people no longer accept homemade videos from a smartphone either, therefore K3 video production the best Tradeshow video production provider in Chicago ever.

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Why K3 the best for K3 Videography services in Chicago?

3 videography has numerous years of experience filming and editing single and multiple camera trade show events, and our Google reviews show that our clients are extremely pleased with the process also results of working with us; moreover, we’re a full-service video production company, able to either just film events as well as hand over the footage or produce fully edited, engaging marketing videos summarizing tradeshow video services Chicago, multiple camera presentations, interviews & testimonials or any other tradeshow videography Chicago city.

What can you do with tradeshow videography?

Well, Tradeshow videography can be used internally as a reference on what a proper trade show experience looks like. And, this would then be like a training video on how trade shows are done for those that operate the booth the next year if it’s not going to be the same people. Also, another internal use could be showing off the success that was had at the trade show as a means of justifying all the hard work and resources that went into making it happen. Plus, this is especially useful if your company was hesitant to embark on a trade show venture initially.

Moreover, using trade show videography is also a great way to appeal to customers and clients. It could be argued that video content, including trade show video, is far more eye-catching on platforms such as social media. Also, it will hopefully lead to more people contacting your company for products or services you offer when a need arises.

Practices of tradeshow videography

Following some best practices to consider when planning your next trade show video:

  1. K3’s tradeshow video production helps to know your target audience.
  2. Define your key messaging, takeaways, or call-to-action.
  3. As shows tend to be very involved, consider filming with multiple cameras.
  4. Prepare a detailed schedule for filming opportunities around the event schedule. And, pad some time for breakdown & set-up for the production crew when they are traveling between locations.
  5. And, reserve a room to store production equipment as well as to charge batteries and offload footage captured during the show.

Therefore, to have the best Chicago tradeshow videography, call K3 today!