Animated Explainer Video Production Chicago

We are considered as the best Animated explainer video production Company Chicago, as we have skilled and experienced team members who are always ready to assist you with the best-animated explainer video production so that your business attract more customers as compared to boring wording.

Choose the right way to explore your business- Explainer video production Chicago


K3 video production offers explainer videos that combine stunning graphics, lively animations as well as visual effects that bring your video to life. Well, think of it as an infographic in motion. Well, with in-house writers, designers & animators, we have the talent to create videos that do the explaining.

Moreover, we are full-service animated video production Chicago creative agency, our in-house art direction, as well as graphic design staff, works hand-in-hand with our animation team to create gorgeous graphics & effects. Also, utilizing the latest in HD animation & compositing tools, we can bring any concept to life.


How much longer does an explainer video production take?


K3’s usual production cycle requires six weeks, plus but long it takes to integrate your feedback & changes into the piece. Our professionals from different areas of expertise, come together to work on every single project such as director, scriptwriter, illustrators, animators, voice-over talent & just to name a few, & the list goes on. We finally deliver, after few weeks from the beginning to final product production.

Moving further, well, like any video production, we’ll follow a linear flow for animated explainer from Pre-Production, to Production, & through to Post-Production:

1. Define your target audience, key messaging, & tone.
2. Select a storytelling style that means custom filming or animation that best suits your defined goals.
3. Next, read your script out loud to determine the likely duration. And, for reference, a 90-second script is typically 225 words or less.
4. Also, for animated videos, storyboards are critical.
5. After that, we record professional voice narration.
6. Then, we animate your video.


Well, most explainer videos are animated. Our experienced explainer videographers offer you the ultimate service to explore your product or business in Chicago within your budget. For any query feel free to contact us!


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