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In this competitive society, the marketer must for all time keep their eyes open for market trends as well as have deep knowledge of digital marketing trends. To explore your business as well as to have more internet traffic, corporate videos play a vital role. 

In the techno-savvy world, most of the business expansion approximately 80% is due to the assistance of videos. Therefore, to produce more internet traffic on your site, we at K3, Chicago Video Production Company deliver you the ultimate services of corporate video production.

Video production

So, if you want to hike into your video marketing efforts, then K3 the best corporate video production company puts together a list of leading video production trends for the current year and the upcoming. Let’s have a look at the latest trend of video production:

  1. Live video

A study shows that live video is at the top of the marketing industry. Above 90 % of people love to have these videos and this will help businessmen to have more traffic on their sites. It is also said that the forth-coming future of live video is very bright. Moreover, live content is also becoming the top priority in the market. So, the combination of these is seemed best to explore the business world-wide.

  1. Cinemagraphs

Formation of Cinemagraphs is also a popular trend of video production, which is a great way of creativity. The procedure of Cinemagraphs is a combination of film and photography which uniquely visualize the entire story. Our expert team members create this with numerous images and added with a series of videos to play in a flawless circle. Also, Cinemagraphs are most often used in digital marketing campaigns to attract more viewers. The following are the platforms which used the Cinemagraphs campaigns:

a) Social media

b) Emails Marketing

c) Digital Displays / Projections

d) Websites

e) Digital Ads

Drone video production

Next, Drone and Aerial videography play a pivotal role in advertising marketing. With the assistance of drones, we can capture aerial videos more cheaply as compared to hiring a helicopter which seems more expansive. Thus, in the digitized world, most people preferred the usage of drones for the perfect shots of aerial videos. 

 However, the prime reason we use a drone to have videos is that the drone holds a larger capacity and longer stay time to have a shot. Also, aerial videos are most passionate in the business market, so to compete with your competitor you must have these types of video production. Well, the usage of drones for the best video production is becoming an advanced video production trend in the year 2020 that is used for numerous purposes and profits in business life.

  1. VR (Virtual Reality) Integration

Well, VR headshots are not mainly used in every household, however, in the business industry, VR integration is the best way of communication tool for businessmen. Therefore, for the best future of your business, we at K3 use the VR Integration video production trend. Though, if your business is huge with extensive locations, we deliver the VR video production service that might just play a part in the prospect of maintaining a single procedure through your business.

  1. GoPros Camera video production

In the current scenario, the GoPros video production trend is in vogue. Talking about experienced team members, then not only they want to own this video production trend, but beginners also want to have possession of this. Well, most of the smartphones have the capacity to capture videos with 4K, however, these can only be edited perfectly as well as posted in the best manner by the professionals. 

This is also known as the name of professional-grade video production types of equipment. Therefore, for your brand as well as business, we take 360-degree video with the usage of this trend and deliver you more profit. However, the prime factors of the usage of these cameras are that they include plentiful resolution as well as border rate options.

  1. Experiential Marketing

Moving further, Experiential Marketing is also an amazing video production trend that comes into existence for the usage of video advertising marketing and ongoing from several years earlier. 

 Therefore, to have more attention to brand followers or viewers, this trend is used to make live brand-focused events with the assistance of a combination of actual product interaction as well as social media.

To sum up, having more internet traffic video production is a must. Above are the important trends to have these. Therefore, we at K3 corporate video production company deliver you the ultimate service of video production at reasonable prices so that you can get a chance to have more profit in your business along with affordable rates. 

If you have any kind of query regarding video production, feel free to talk or drop a mail, we will revert as soon as possible.

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