Corporate Video Production Company

You in the competitive business society need to find an event video production company you can trust to represent your brand, manage a seamless schedule, and capture your event perfectly. So, whether you want to reach more people with live streaming, make your event last longer with a highlights video, or create perfect content for your social feeds, you require the filming element of your event to run smoothly, at that time K3 Video production seems the best Corporate event video production makers nation-wide.

And, we offer an end-to-end event video production service. Also, from pre-production to multi-camera operations & post-production, as well as we will ensure your event filming is under control, K3’s experts will make your event look spectacular. Moreover, we’ve filmed press conferences, charity functions, launch parties, conferences, exhibitions, live webcasts, experiential stunts and award ceremonies. Besides, our expert team of event video production specialists will make sure your event runs without a hitch.

K3 Video production specialization area in event video production

1. Award Ceremony Videos

We capture the glamour & importance of your award ceremony on video. Well, award ceremony videos are perfect for marketing your event and creating a permanent record of the attendees’ achievements.

2. Conference VideosEvent Video Production

Well, a highlights video can provide people who could not attend with a complete overview of the conference. Also, it can be used to market your conference for next year’s attendees. Therefore, from keynote speakers to interviews with the guests, K3 makes sure to capture it all on video.

3. Publicity Event Videos

Whenever you are putting on a publicity event, you want to be sure it is going to reach the maximum potential audience. Then, video is the perfect medium to ensure that exposure. K3 knows how to craft publicity event videos which get attention & compel the viewer to keep watching.

4. Launch Party Videos

We all know launch party videos are ideal for adding to your social media channels or to sit on your website. Therefore K3 deliver high-quality launch party videos which will reflect the quality of your business and brand.

5. Meeting Video Production

K3 expert video makers know capturing meetings on video is perfect for wider internal distribution at your company, or as a record for future reference. And, we can ensure a clear video documentation that looks great.

Additionally, we are passionate about making every event we produce look spectacular. Thus, whether you need a video for a small corporate event or a multi-day conference, and we would love to work with you. Moreover, our in-house team of video specialists can facilitate all aspects of event video production. K3 video production has years of experience producing event videos, plus invested heavily in production & post-production equipment to deliver the highest quality pieces.


1. Live Streaming
2. Event Technical Design and Management
3. Event Photography
4. Post-production editing, sound mixing, & color correction
5. 2D and 3D animation
6. Drone Filming
Therefore if you want to increase the impression of your event worldwide, contact us today!