10 Engaging Corporate Video Content Ideas For Your Brand

10 Engaging Corporate Video Content Ideas For Your Brand

10 Engaging Corporate Video Content Ideas For Your Brand

We’ve already established the fact that video is the name of the game in this age. All businesses, small or enterprise level, inevitably need video content today to stay ahead in the corporate world.

Case in point, more than 50% of marketers that used video content reported to have experienced substantial improvement in engagement and lead generation.

Considering the fact that a majority of your competitors have already joined the bandwagon, and are reaping the benefits, it is high time you did too.

All you need is a great video production company in Chicago that understands your brand position and crafts a winning video content strategy tailored to your needs.

This is where K3 Video Production shines! We excel at studying brands to produce highly customized video content that is guaranteed to generate exceptional results.

If you don’t know where to start, here we have a list of 10 engaging corporate video content ideas.

Making of your Product or Service

Product-making videos are one of the best means to establish transparency and trust, while also giving viewers interesting insights into the development of your core offerings. If you have a product-based business, film some great action at the factory or production unit where your raw materials transition into the final product. Retail businesses can show how their stock arrives and how they transform into attractive in-store inventory and in turn, into take-home packages for customers.

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If you have a service-based business, you can show some of the prep work you do before you take orders, such as writing to-do lists, entering order details, setting up the office, arranging necessary supplies, etc.

Team Introduction

Your team is undoubtedly your strength. They are the brains and the backbones of your product or service offerings. Introducing your team can be a great, interesting, and resonating video for your prospects. Once again, seeing the human faces behind the products they use will also improve trust and loyalty. Have your team prepare and talk about their personal lives and their journey to joining the project. Use interesting videography, some production insights and personally documented footage to create fun and engaging team intro videos.

Behind-the-scenes look at your products and services

Customers always love exclusive insider content. Film behind-the-scenes footage from your production unit, office, or social media desk. Showcase assembly lines from the factory, shooting of IG or FB videos, art direction for your advertisements, packing your orders, models posing with your products, creative heads brainstorming ideas and writing down concepts, graphic designers working on package or brand logos, etc. The possibilities are endless. As an experienced video production company in Chicago, we have helped craft exceptional BTS videos with catchy hooks and optimized descriptions that have significantly boosted engagement rates for many brands.

A day in your office

A video showcasing a working day in your office serves two purposes; establishing trust and authenticity among your target audience and displaying your work culture to attract future employees. Most companies overlook the crucial concept of employee marketing in their journey to achieve business growth. However, it is a highly powerful tool used to showcase real work cultures in brands worldwide. Appealing to prospective employees is just as important as appealing to target customers today. You need employees to grow and you need to keep your existing employees happy as well. Have a “bring your pet to work” day or a potluck lunch day and shoot some videos to show your followers.

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Break down important topics related to your business

There can be many ambiguous topics surrounding your product or service that customers need broken down. For example, if you own a skincare brand, there are multiple concepts, trends, technical information, usage information, and the like that demand explanation, such as skin cycling, exfoliation routines, skin conditions, and care, etc. Similarly, if you provide car wash services, you can break down concepts like jet wash, pressure wash, power wash, polish, etc., when to get them, and so on. The main intent of these types of videos is to educate your audience and help them avail of your services.

Demo of how your product works

Product demos are one of the most effective videos that significantly help increase sales. They have a direct impact on people who already need your product and are on the fence with their buying decisions. A clear and crisp video, either animated or a live explainer, featuring your product and the best ways to use it to reap its full benefits, is immensely beneficial to your audience, especially if you have a complicated offering. Only the most creative video production companies in Chicago, like K3, can effortlessly break down complex product details and showcase them in an engaging video.

Frequently asked question answers by a subject matter expert

If you receive many common questions in your social media DMs regarding your products or services, a detailed video answering them would be a great way to improve sales, as it would help many of your leads make a decision. Alternatively, you can also post an “ask me anything” tag on your Instagram stories and gather common questions to create a video and have a subject matter expert answer them in detail. Be sure to link to the video on your website so that new leads can turn to the video for valuable information.

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Animated stories or experiences

Animated videos are exceptionally effective in improving view times and in turn, engagement. Turn some product journey experiences or customer experiences into interesting animated videos and share them throughout your socials to have customers resonate and comment. The focus of an experience-sharing video should be to spark emotion and build trust. It will improve engagement, and brand followers, and perhaps boost sales as well.

Create time-lapse or stop-motion videos related to different aspects

Time-lapse videos or stop-motion videos are fun ways to spark engagement. They are purely meant for entertainment and will get your viewers interested in your content. This will help you gain a bigger pool of followers and leads, ultimately helping you improve sales as well. Better engagement also improves natural reach, making your content be seen by a larger audience. You can take time-lapse videos of a service delivery, the product manufacturing process in the factory, the setting up process for an event you hosted, etc. Stop-motion videos can be created for product packing processes, product usage, and the like.

Customer testimonials

Last but not least, don’t forget real customer testimonials. They are invaluable treasures that act as strong foundations for your goodwill, reputation, and loyalty as a brand. Your success is built from good reviews by customers. Hence, do not hesitate to ask your customers for review videos. They will be more than happy to share them with you. Share testimonial videos on your website and social media channels every once in a while, to build your trust and customer base steadily.

Up your video content game with K3 Video Production, Chicago

Each of the video types mentioned above serves different purposes and helps your company grow in different ways. Irrespective of your company size, investing in producing these videos will generate substantial returns for your company. Explainer videos and testimonials in particular will generate benefits for your brand for a much longer time.

Count on K3 Video Production in Chicago to create these and more engaging corporate videos for your brand. Contact our team today, and let’s discuss your video map to business success.

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