Importance of Video Marketing For Startups

Importance of Video Marketing For Startups

Marketing concepts are full of different methods, especially in the testing and trial stages. But one thing that has always worked for business startups for years is the concept of video marketing.  For years, it has been one of the most important startup marketing concepts.

This concept of video marketing is not something that is newly introduced, instead, it is one of the best ways preferred by digital marketers by professional Chicago video production company. Although it may be considered later in several marketing campaigns, however, in the case of startups this is important to be considered in the starting stages only.

We have detailed the reasons why video marketing is essential for startups:

Customer preferences: 

One of the crazy yet very important points that statistics revealed was that nowadays the amount of video content that is posted on different platforms on the internet for an estimate of 30 days is more than the account in the US past 30 years! It makes sense because millions of people are on social media these days, and posting videos about your services or brand can actually help you to spread the word about your brand and reach thousands and millions of people.

With respect to small businesses, people tend to use social media as a platform to stay updated with new things, trends and get in touch with same. This is a great way for small businesses to reach out to many people and introduce services and goods!

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For brand awareness:

As it is said a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, and a video? What millions? We bet yes! With evidence like this, there’s no doubt that emphasizing startup video marketing can help your company make a lasting impression on buyers.

Video marketing has proven to be the top method for creating brand awareness, increasing sales, and building trust amongst people. Consumers might feel a personal connection to brands when they see videos from them, especially smaller firms that may not yet have a reputation. This builds trust. As for your startup, you can surely consider this a good way to even build goodwill.

Boost up the conversion rates:

Boosting conversion rates is quite possible when an effective technique. It is undeniably effective in engaging people and building trust in your brand from people’s point of view.

Statistics do prove things for real but so does science to a great extent. Videos are more effective than pictures in a scientific sense because our brain interprets pictures quite faster than words. This is how videos assist in the conversion of leads into actual consumers. However, you cannot just make s video and post it and expect to get great conversions. It is important to know what type of video content will attract the target audience, and how the video can be utilized at several points in your sales funnel.

The advantage in the Market 

Video marketing is used by the vast majority of companies across all industries as an effective method of marketing. Did you know that videos are already used by 87 percent of marketers in their marketing campaigns? This is more practiced in the B2B video marketing scenario where it has actually proven the effectiveness with its effectiveness.

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The use of video marketing by huge companies is due to the fact that it is undoubtedly effective! Prioritise startup video marketing as one of the most effective startup marketing tips for the coming year. However, it is very important to keep in mind that quality must take precedence over quantity. Don’t forget that as a startup, you may only have one chance to wow the audience, so make the most of it.

Better SEO

SEO is at its best when it’s about video marketing. Given the evidence that videos pique the interest of consumers, what better approach to encourage viewers to spend more time on your site and get the work done professionally by getting in touch with Chicago video production company

When it comes to startup growth hacking, though, high-quality video marketing content is critical. Google’s algorithm is becoming increasingly complex; a recent upgrade placed a heavy focus on video quality, regular uploading, and location.

Attract mobile users:

Many people use their mobile phones to access the internet. In fact, mobile devices account for over half of all web page views worldwide. There is no doubt that people nowadays use their mobile phones for everything, from checking emails to browsing social networking sites to viewing startup videos.

Watching videos on your handheld mobile phone is also quite useful because of its portability, which allows you to watch videos from any place. You can watch a business-related video at a bus stop while waiting for your bus! It’s safe to assume that as the number of smartphone users grows, so will the number of individuals watching videos on such devices. This is exactly where video marketing leads like no one else.

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Social media preference is video content:

Let’s get back to the facts again, did you know that video content is shared 1200 percent more on social media platforms than text and photographs combined? In fact, Facebook increased its video marketing budget a few years back. Both e-commerce and social media platforms clearly value posting videos.

Facebook isn’t the only social media platform that gives the video huge importance. In addition to the same,  posting stories feature on Instagram and Snapchat, provide a number of startup video marketing options. It is highly effective to post a video on these platforms because people of almost all ages are using these famous platforms to stay in touch with the world.


To sum up, you can try other methods as well because there are plenty of others which exist as well. But videography has proven to be one of the most effective methods not because of some strategy but the way it is originally. It creates a sense of authenticity in the mind of the users. But you could be making a good video, investing a lot of time in it, however in the end it may not turn up to expectations because it was not made properly in the first place. It is important that you consult a good and professional Chicago video production company like k3videoproduction which will help you with the ultimate methods of effective video marketing.

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