How can video productions benefits your business?

Well, to know the benefits of video production, firstly you should know what it is?

Video production is the process of producing video content so that video production could mean anything from a quick video shot on your smartphones to a well-thought-out sales video filmed by a media production company. Whenever you work with us, K3 video production Chicago means everything from brainstorming and agreeing on a concept, and to the logistics of the shoot, also right down to the final edit and delivery of your video.

K3 video production team members make videos for businesses, video content is a huge new opportunity to engage your audience, build brand awareness, convert sales and convey information. Thus, rather than thinking of videos as something you’d borrow from Blockbuster or watch on MTV, we think of video content as an exciting new way to grow your business. Therefore, when we talk about video production for your business, we include the following services:

1. Promotional video production
2. Explainer video production
3. Corporate videos
4. Videos for your social media platforms
5. Training videos
6. Practical case study videos
& much more!

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Benefits of video as well as video content for business

K3 expert team know that everyone is watching more videos, but does that mean that you should just throw a video on your landing page willy-nilly? Not at all. Well, before you hire a video production company, it’s important to know what the benefits of video are for your business so that you can get the most out of your video content. Thus, here are just a few advantages to using web video content offered by K3 professional video makers:

1. Settle time- we make video content that increases the amount of time that people spend on your site.
2. Also, our video is a fast and efficient way to communicate information to clients, investors, and staff.
3. Study shows that including some of your staff in a video increases consumers’ trust in your company.
4. Our video ads convert to more sales – including a video ad in a product description increases the chances of the item being purchased by 35%
5. Our services of production for emails and newsletters that contain videos have much higher click-through rates.
6. We made an interesting video because people are lazy! And they prefer to watch a video than reading! So they are easily allured by your products.

In a nutshell, Video production is a powerful and increasingly widespread tool for business. However, not only is it a compelling medium for customers and online users but also it has a huge range of uses for companies. K3 video production has only just begun to explore the potential of video content as well as we’re excited to see what we can help to create for your company.

Moreover, we want to keep sharing our experience as we continue to build our video production company. And, we hope that video enthusiasts, hobbyists, and business owners will benefit from us sharing our knowledge. Plus, we’ve been in your shoes and plan to share our stories and what we are learning as we go along.

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