Tips to Organize Corporate Photo Shoot: Headshot Photography

Running a business or just started? Want to market your business? You visited the right place, here at K3 video production, Chicago headshot photographers deliver you the best services of Chicago product photography that deliver you the best services ever. In this blog, we will provide you with the best tips to organize your corporate shoot to have the best business ever.

Tips to organize corporate shoot for the business profit

1. Budget 

The very first thing that comes is the budget, to start the shoot. Therefore, you have to select how much money you’re ready to assign. Thus, if you require lifestyle photos/or photos for a small team overview page then you can do it yourself, just with your phone. However, if you require photos as a part of the website design – you require professional high-resolution photos. And, the price of the shoot usually has pre-production consultation, photographer & helper services, travel expenses, editing services. Therefore, always remember that it’s hard to work out the fixed price per person without the last details, that’s why photographers typically give the price for the whole package.

a) Can you do it yourself?

b) Do you have a photographer friend who can do it for almost free?

c) Spend what you can afford; photos are good for the next 5 years

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2. Schedule your shoot before product photography 

Secondly, it’s always better to plan the shoot approximately 1 – 2 weeks before, so we always suggest you select some sample photos you like from our website, so we can better appreciate your ideas & preferences.

a) Schedule before 1 – 2 weeks before

b) Book an additional few hours in your calendar as it can take longer than expected

3. Studio vs on-location Shoot

Moreover, you require choosing whether you desire to do the shoot in your office or the photo studio. And, you can getter a better price deal whenever you shoot in the studio since it doesn’t contain travel expenses for the photographers. However, if you have a lot of people that require their headshots done then it’s better to plan the shoot in your office space.

a) Improved set up in a studio

b) More suitable in your office

c) Enhanced price if no travel involved

d) Do you like to do it outdoors?

4. Background & the final look

Next, it’s always good to plan the shoot in go forward, it will provide your team members enough time to get ready, additionally, you will have enough time to choose on the final look for the photos/ decide what background color you desire to do for the headshots. Also, the background color is one of the key elements.

Therefore, if you have a sure website style & you just want to replicate it, just make sure to communicate it to your photographer. On the contrary, if you’re not fairly sure on what background/style of the headshots you desire to do, we will guide you as well as assist you to make the final choice. Additionally, you can also always browse through our website Corporate Page as well as see what background color you like the most. 

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5. Right spot in your office

Moving further, you should ensure that you pick the right spot in your office for the shoot. Nowadays, photographers don’t require a lot of space since they have portable equipment. Additionally, you can even set it up in a hallway. Further, don’t worry about the natural lighting, as the photographers have the moveable lighting set up. On the contrary, it’s always improved to have an allocated space, like a conference room, because it will be comfier for your team members. Also, some people favor privacy so they can feel more relaxed during the shoot. 

a) Can even set it up in a hallway

b) Discussion room is the best alternative

c) No windows is ok

d) No shipment elevator or right of entry to outlets essential

In the end, if you want to explore your business in Chicago city, then you must hire an experienced headshot photographer so that you can explore your business and have more customers. So, what are you waiting for? Hire today and have more sales.

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