Important Tips for Video Production During COVID-19

Well, we had to change how we ran the company to keep our team, clients, as well as crew healthy, at the time when the world shut down in March amid the significance of the global pandemic. Video production is the way that helps you to explore your business worldwide. Moreover, as business influential & communicators comply with social distancing guidelines, they are exclusively challenged to produce new forms of content that can cut through the clutter as well as offering engaging & effective messaging.


So, to explore your business during the lockdown we deliver you the best services of video production in Chicago city, as we are the best corporate video production company we have experienced team members who deliver you the best services following the tips that save in COVID-19.

Important tips for video production during COVID

1. Superiority matters: 

First of all, if it isn’t done well, don’t do it. Well, just because you can sit in front of your computer or smartphone & record a video, doesn’t mean that you should. Therefore, take time to be grateful for the value of production. And, you can offer a well-produced piece that maintains brand integrity while also maintaining your social distance. Also, the overall quality of your video matters to your audience & it should matter to you. 

However, poor quality lessens the chance of appointment & will not reflect well on you as a leader or your brand. Moreover, find a quiet & well-lit area & record a few options to see what location looks plus sounds best. Similarly, remember to switch it up as a new environment will remain content fresh as well as attractive to your audience.

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2. Pre-production takes on a new meaning

Secondly, planning & pre-production meetings have always been a thing; but, they now take on an entirely new sense of importance. So, everything from formations that are necessary on set so we can keep personnel at a minimum to determining specific safety protocols as well as a tech before the shoot. Additionally, these decisions & discussions must take place to provide a safe as well as a seamless experience.

3. Safety is king

Moreover, the list of necessary items you would usually bring to the set has grown. And, a non-contact thermometer is a great addition that assists reinforce safety precautions. Also, it’s important to make sure everyone is up to with proper PPE. Plus, just as crucial is having plenty of disinfectant spray, wipes as well as hand sanitizer for your team and gear. 

Also, we’ve had to about-face the ways we handle close contact, whether it’s hair & makeup, wardrobe fixes, how to mic talent, feeding the team, or just lending a hand. Besides, a few things we’ve done are swapped craft tables for individual meals & snacks, started using boom-only audio to increase distance, improved our own & offset streaming capabilities, as well as developed COVID-19 risk waivers. Therefore, taking these essential steps permit us to do our part in reducing risk as well as potential spread to our staff, clients, partners & talent.

To sum up, if you are going to shoot video production to explore the business, the above-mentioned are some safety measures to shoot a video. Just take a look at that.

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