Video+SEO: The Perfect And Progressive Combination


Video+SEO: The Perfect And Progressive Combination

It wasn’t long ago that we were discussing how mobile was gaining traction and how it will alter the marketing environment. I’ve been there and done it. So, what’s the next big thing that’ll shake up the market? It’s very likely that it’s video.

Did you know that every minute approximately around 3.8 billion searches are made on Google? As much as surprising it sounds, you should know you’re competing with more than 1 billion other websites.

It is not a long time since there were discussions about how things are developing online and that too with such a fast pace. Indeed, it was a fast pace that today there are new methods practiced by people in order to stand out from the cut-throat competition.

When it comes to online traffic, content and pictures play a significant role. But there is a need for a new and effective method that should be there to stand out which is why marketers shifted to videography. Videography has become such an effective and successful method that aligns with SEO rankings as well.

However, it has also become important to have professional guidance to implement these things which is why you should consider Chicago Video Production rather than waste your time experimenting with new things.

Video content has gained popularity in the online market as it is a great way to reach out to the audience to create that excitement or urge amongst people for the subject. It is also quite economical as the cost of video production is relatively quite low considering that most of them go on YouTube.

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The advantages of video content do not end there. Videos can aid your SEO part as well and help you rank higher in search engines.


What Is the Importance of Video?

There is enough evidence to show that technology, particularly social media, has shortened our attention span. Marketers have only 7 seconds to make an impression on their target audience.

In practical terms, if your written or visual material fails to captivate and excite your audience beyond the first few seconds, they will move on to the next article or video that does.

Video is the only type of material that can instantly connect with and engage an audience. Speaking of facts, people would rather watch a two-minute movie than read a 2000-word text.

In today’s time, people enjoy watching videos, and businesses rely on video marketing to increase conversions.

What are the reasons that make the videography preferable for marketers and people as well:



PowerPoint presentations, like films, are jam-packed with useful information. They explain why presentations aren’t as popular as videos among the general public.

Providing a lot of information isn’t enough to keep the audience interested. Hard facts are interwoven with great storytelling in videos. A mixture of these two will stay in the mind for a longer period of time. The knowledge will be retained for far longer when marketers utilize stories to deliver a message.

Even after 30 days, four out of five people recalled a video. Over half of them took some sort of action afterward. Videos that convey stories work because they elicit an emotional response from the brain’s emotional centers.

The video content is succinct (short) and to the point:

We all want quick information and solutions these days! Information that would normally take several pages and thousands of words to describe can be summed up in a two- to three-minute video. Videos have the ability to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time.

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Furthermore, videos engage the audience by delivering important information in a fun way. An instructional film with animation is simpler to recall than an eBook with the same aim. Animated videos have their own fan base, you should definitely contact a professional animated video production Chicago company to help you with those.

Short videos are beneficial to SEO since they encourage viewers to stay on the page longer. According to statistics, within 60 seconds of watching a video, 5% of viewers leave. Nearly 60% of the audience has left the video by the conclusion of the first two minutes.

So, if you want your target audience to watch your video all the way through, make it short and catchy. People are increasingly watching videos on their mobile devices. Smartphone users like short movies because they can watch entire videos during travel, breaks at work, and so on.

User Experience is Improved by Video Content:

User Experience is Improved by Video Content

Many marketers were concerned that videos would detract from the user experience. The opposite could not be further from the truth. The addition of videos to affiliate products will only improve the user experience. There is ample evidence to suggest that videos attract traffic, keep people on the page longer, and ultimately improve a website’s SEO and rating.

Users spend 88 percent more time on a page featuring video content on average.

Say hello to stats! Compared to text CTA, over 95% of people claimed they could remember the video CTA.

Websites with at least one video are 45 times more likely to appear higher in search results. You should consider Chicago Video Production to get your hands on professional SEO videography.

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Google notices video content:

Experts have stated time and time again that video is the most effective kind of content for increasing audience engagement. Furthermore, Google places a high value on content marketing methods that increase interaction. Higher traffic and conversions will be seen on websites that provide better engagement through video content. Google catches the video content more and here are some top reasons:

Google inclines to high-quality backlinks:

Google inclines to high-quality backlinks

It is a fact that web pages with videos receive 300 percent more inbound links than those without videos.

Pages with a higher number of high-quality inbound links are referred to as authority pages. They’re shared more and get more traffic as a result. The Google algorithm will prefer pages with a higher reputation and authority.



Keywords are that OG method that will never go out of practice. By including the transcript as metadata when uploading a video, Google will be able to determine the video’s theme and relevance to the issue.

YouTube Engagement: 

YouTube Engagement

There is no conclusive evidence that Google prefers videos uploaded on YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular search engine, even if we ignore the fact that Google and YouTube are owned by the same firm.

Videos that do well on YouTube, with a lot of views, shares, and comments, will also do well on Google. Content that engages and entertains the audience is always prioritized by Google. As a result, it’s self-evident that Google will like video material. For this reason, you should appreciate video content and include it in your SEO plan.


To sum up, video popularity and accessibility will only continue to rise. Video is something that people enjoy, use, and remember. All of these elements are essential for a successful marketing plan.

Local companies are also finding it more inexpensive and accessible. Make sure to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, as well as the growing relevance of video in SEO.

What are you waiting for? Contact the professional Chicago Video Production company that is going to be a game-changer for your business! Feel free to reach out to us!

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