Get More Leads With Video Marketing

Get More Leads With Video Marketing

Tired of searching for ‘Video production Chicago’ again and again, without getting any actionable results?

Allow us to end all your worries!

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures. This aptly sums up the significance of a video in expressing ideas, products, events, brands, etc. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that a poorly shot video is not even worth a photograph. What remains to be seen is how a particular video has been shot or composed. At K3 Video Production, we do justice to the true worth of videos by capturing the mood of the occasion in all its light and hue. We have the people who can deliver and come up with the best shots that highlight the mood of the occasion or the essence of the idea just perfectly. Be it for your vlog, product portfolio, or for any other requirements of video production in Chicago, a perfect shot video is what you need to justify your objective. This is where we come in; we tell stories through our videos, that will not only enchant your audience but will being more sales as well.

We are a Chicago based video production company delivering on high-end requirements of our clients at reasonable rates. We make compelling videos so that they can fulfill our customer’s objectives. If you are in the field of online branding, make sure you have the best videos that arouse curiosity and attract visitors. We can help you in that respect and much more.  

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Video Production Chicago – Compelling Stories, Actionable Results

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We have cemented our place in the field of video production. Thrilling, arousing, interesting et al., are just a few words to describe our video production. If you want to keep the web visitors glued to your site, you need unique videos that arouse emotions. We make this possible since we blend the art of film making in each video we produce. Our videos effuse outstanding cinematic experience; they are not just a discrete collage of shots, there’s proper storytelling, content strategy, and natural flow in every masterpiece we edit. In fact, we are a creative film and video production company that effuses aesthetics and emotion in every shot. 

We rank in the list of top 10 service providers of video production Chicago‘, of many locals simply because of our robust and professional approach. Whatever type of video you need to make there are a number of steps that go into it. The pre-production phase in every shoot involves careful preparation and planning. You need to plan the footage to be captured and also how to capture it in the most effective way. We also make sure that the shooting and post-production activities are as cost-effective as possible. So, while we don’t miss out on critical shots, we do give a miss to fluff. Here’s how we roll :

  • Analysis and Research

We analyze your requirement first and then conduct in-depth research on how to best fulfill your requirements. In fact, analysis and research are the mainstays of every video marketing strategy.

  • Creative Conceptualisation And Art Direction

Creativity begets uniqueness, and uniqueness in videos is what your audience looks for. So, we have a touch of creativity in every video that we produce. 

  • Story Development and Copywriting

While the idea is spot on, depicting it in a video requires robust storytelling. So, we emphasize story development and copywriting the most. This ensures that your brand is projected in the right light and element.

  • Planning And Outlining

We plan the shoot, make an outline of the story, and engage in brainstorming activities with our team to have an actionable plan of approach in our hands.

  • Location research
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Location plays a huge role in some video productions. So, we do location research to come up with the best location for your video.

  • Casting

Casting is an important aspect of any shooting. We make sure to engage with only experienced and professional people to make videos. 

What More We Can Do?

We have not limited our skills to just video production, there’s a whole gamut of experience we provide that can take your brand to greater heights of popularity and visibility.


There are photographs that immortalize moments and occasions. Whether it is a corporate event or a social gathering the perfect snap can beat even a good video. So, the need for perfect photography crops up with time and effort. We are here to cater to your photographic needs.

Digital Content

We also provide animated content, such as animated explainer videos for corporate houses. These videos are in great demand in a number of industries. In fact, industries are now realizing that animated explainer videos are the most effective media to communicate the concept of your new product to your potential customers. This is why around 45% of businesses use animated explainer videos on their homepage itself.

We are aware of the rigors of online branding. This is why we have a network of experienced and dedicated professionals who are experts in niche fields of digital marketing and video production. 

Needless to say, shaping up your identity is the purpose of any efforts we put towards creating your portfolio. This is why we lay utmost importance on our production team. We pick team members who can best shape up your identity and effectively deliver your ideas to your audience. We manage the whole workflow from pre-production to post-production and build on your idea of telling a compelling story that goes viral every time you post it.

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Video branding is an all-around effort. It involves brand promotion through different media, promoting a new product, and more. We can help you with the whole hog of it. Our video production services include brand videos, social media videos, new product videos. We also produce trade show exhibits, corporate event videos, real estate videos amongst others. 

Those who Google or Bing Video Production Chicago often, know very well that Windy City is full of fluff providers, but we step aside with our out of the box approach, cost-effective setups, and compelling storytelling strategies.

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