Trade Show

In the digitalized era, video is a great tool for the event organizer to capture the show experience & use it for year-round engagement and marketing purposes.

And, video is also an ideal way to offer exhibitors an added value that will boost their exhibiting experience as well as ROI. So, whatever its sponsored in-booth exhibitor interviews & product presentations, or VIP interviews, plus important happenings at your event, or interesting show floor action, K3 video production can help you build your video library & make it the go-to place for your audience. And, K3 video production is considered as the best Trade show video production makers.
However, before you can decide what kind of video you need, you have to define success. K3 provides a video that can be used at your trade show booth to support any number of specific goals:

1. Brand or product awareness
2. Lead generation
3. Validating new product offerings
4. Earning Fame and industry credibility
5. Nurturing leads
6. Closing deals

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Firstly, with or without new video, we can also use video or photography you already have to create a marketing tool to help you get more attendees to register and attend your event. So, once we film your event, we can create custom videos for next time to highlight what happens during the event as well as keep people coming back for more.


Next, use the same video strategy to attract more exhibitors & sponsors for your event. K3 video production can create a video designed to expand your marketing efforts in growing your exhibit floor as well as sponsorship opportunities. Plus, video is one of the best ways to spread the word that your event is the go-to place for your industry.


Moreover, whether it’s your pre-event reception or other special events, our videos are always well received. So, let all those who participated relive the fun they had and use the video to encourage more participation the next time. And, we can deliver these popular videos within 24 hours.
So, if you are looking for the best and qualitative trade show video production then K3 is the best choice, we offer affordable trade show videographer coverage including expert video marketing advice to capture material with the strongest impact. Also, our convention and trade show video production services can be scaled to meet most budgets.
More importantly, we provide trade show video production nation-wide. So, what are you waiting for! Visit us today.


Well, we’re easy. Our nationwide K3 dealers will provide solutions based on your specific needs as well as objectives then handle all the details along the way. Moreover, we’re flexible. And, we can work with you to any extent necessary. Also, we can work with your internal design team or, if you’re an agency, we can work with you or your client either out front or behind the scenes.