Why Video is So Important For Brand Promotion

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Why Video is So Important For Brand Promotion

Video is one of the most rapidly progressing content formats that brands the world over are leveraging for their promotion and sales, among other things. According to the latest statistics, more than 63% of brands have already started using video production Chicago for marketing, out of which over 80% feel that video is an integral part of their comprehensive marketing strategy.

Why is video so popular? What makes video so indispensable?

In an overcrowded marketplace, where hundreds of new brands emerge every day, competing to grab the interest of the audience and battling to become industry leaders, you need a thriving reason to stand out. Apart from exceptional products and services, and a strong will to evolve, you need a compelling story.

Stories are one of the most powerful marketing tactics, proven to elicit emotion and induce trust. And videos are the most effective means to convey your story engagingly.

An increasing number of businesses are relying on professional corporate video production companies to promote their brand through strategically crafted video content.

Here are 10 reasons why you must leverage video production Chicago for brand promotion too.

Customers Simply Love Videos

Every week, customers spend nearly 18 whole hours watching videos online. Viewers claim that they retain 95% of the information they get in the form of videos.

Moreover, 33% of all online activity accounts for video consumption.

These numbers point to the fact that people love watching videos. And the number one reason is that video is easily digestible and entertaining at the same time. As opposed to reading chunks of text that may or may not give the reader what they are looking for, it is easier and more fun to watch a video and learn more about a company or a product. Besides, video has the unique quality of being able to build an emotional connection with the viewer. This puts your brand in a better position to influence their purchase decisions.

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Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

Marketers claim to land 66% more qualified leads through video marketing. And more than 80% say they were able to generate more leads through video content.

There is no denying that video content positively impacts the traffic, the leads, and sales. Adding product explainer videos or short brand videos to your landing page can significantly boost conversions.

Videos can also directly increase sales. Studies show that around 84% of consumers that watched a product or service video online, went on to buy it.

This makes sense because vision is one of the strongest senses of human beings, and a marketing strategy that banks on it, is naturally bound to work.

Video Content Builds Brand Credibility and Trust

From the plethora of brands selling what a customer wants or needs, they will choose to buy from a brand they trust. And video production Chicago are one of the most reliable ways to establish it.

Through educative, informative, and transparent content, you can position your brand as an authoritative expert, with a solid solution for a problem or challenge they might be facing. This helps build credibility, making your brand appear to be a trustworthy source of information.

Additionally, through modern means such as social media, you can further deepen the connection with live videos and interactive elements, which further helps boost transparency. Interactive videos are, one of the top recommendations of our experts at K3video Production Chicago, to build trust.

Ultimately, a brand that maintains its reputation through consistently engaging and informative videos, will be preferred by customers any day.

Video Boosts Open Rates and Reduces Unsubscribe Rates on Emails

Email marketing is known to be one of the most effective marketing channels with a high ROI. Entrepreneurs have found that embedding a video within a marketing email makes it even more effective. Statistics state that an email subject line with the word “video” has a 19% higher open rate when compared to emails with other subject lines.

Different types of video content can be used in emails, including explainer videos for new products leading to landing pages, product videos, or testimonial videos for products or services that the customer may have shown interest in, etc. When used as part of drip email campaigns, they will have a powerful nurturing effect.

Additionally, email newsletters that consistently showcase interesting and engaging video content are less likely to be unsubscribed from.

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It helps Boost SEO for your Brand on Google

We know that all forms of content have to be optimized for search engines to be able to rank on SERPs. Video content is naturally optimized and preferred by Google; having an informative and relevant video, attached with specific keywords on the description will help you secure a higher position on the search results. Google features the most relevant videos in its snippets section as well.

In fact, statistics suggest that you are 53 times more likely to make it to the front page of Google’s SERP if you have a video on your landing page.

Moreover, YouTube is owned by Google, and it will naturally promote video content published through YouTube. In every way, using video content for your brand strategically will boost your rankings. Partnering with a reputed and experienced video production Chicago company will help you nail strategies to use video SEO to subsequently boost sales as well.

It Promotes Sharing and Improves Brand Reach

Thanks to the social media culture, video content is one of the most easily shared formats online. Short video platforms like TikTok and Instagram can even make videos go viral overnight. Hence, using social media to promote videos, especially in short form, is one of the most powerful ways to improve brand awareness and reach. Highly interesting and engaging videos are bound to get shared multiple times, resulting in more impressions, more views, and increased watch times. Especially for new products or new brands trying to get the word out, a simple and short brand video can be phenomenally effective in boosting reach.

Video content taps deep into an ever-increasing mobile user base

Videos and mobile devices have a special relationship. More than 70% of videos are consumed on some type of mobile device globally. Moreover, YouTube, being one of the most popular video content platforms, reports to have an increasing consumption rate of nearly 100% every year.

This indicates that having a brand video that is optimized for mobile usage helps you leverage the growing user base and increase brand awareness. With the number of smartphone and social media users growing every year, you get to tap into an ever-growing video audience that will potentially help you get more qualified leads.

Videos help explain even complicated matters

Studies show that explainer videos are one of the most common types of brand videos used by companies to promote their products and services. 96% of customers claim to have watched explainer videos to better understand a product, and 43% of marketers said that customer support calls decreased after embedding one on their landing page.

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These figures show that video does a stellar job at explaining what your brand does, or what your product or service does. With the help of creative experts in video production in Chicago, you will be able to create engaging and immersive explainer videos, even for complicated and technical subjects like technology, to help customers understand how you can help them. This attracts viewers more effectively and induces them to make a purchase.

Furthermore, as Google promotes video content, there is a good chance for your ideal customer to stumble into your product explainer video landing page right from the SERP. If the video is powerful enough, that is a guaranteed sale for your business.

They Serve to be a Great Way to Earn High DA Backlinks

Social media websites including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram typically have a high domain authority. Sharing videos through these platforms and linking them back to your website is an exceptionally powerful way to earn credible backlinks. This not only boosts your website’s credibility and establishes your domain as an authoritative one in search engines’ ranking criteria, but also gives you more chances to appear at the top of SERPs; your social media pages as well as your website. Needless to say, this will increase traffic, leads, and in turn, conversions. Top-rated corporate video production Chicago companies will help you leverage video content for SEO backlinking through comprehensive video SEO strategies.

Videos help Create Memorable and Resonating Experiences

Finally, video production services are a great way to provide a memorable and immersive visual experience for potential, new, as well as existing customers. Sharing resonating content through engaging videos, such as animated videos, live-action videos, storytelling videos, or other types, will most likely elicit emotion and provoke thought among your viewers. This translates to a memorable video viewing experience for your audience and in turn, strengthens customer relationships. The key to business success is a strong and loyal customer base and video content paves the way for that.

Final Thoughts

Video content is one of the fastest-evolving marketing media used by brands around the world to promote their products and services. Considering the video consumption trends of viewers, and the above-mentioned multi-fold benefits of using video content for brand promotion, it only makes sense for you to leverage this powerhouse of a channel. With the help of a thoughtful and experienced corporate video production company Chicago, you will be able to maximize your video marketing budget.

Partner with K3video Production, Chicago to create impactful brand videos for your company. Utilize our team’s visual storytelling skills to improve your brand reach and sales.

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