Want To Increase Sales? Say Hello To Video Marketing

Want To Increase Sales? Say Hello To Video Marketing

With the changing trends in the digital market, one of the most emerging things seen is the trend of videos. Isn’t it? Be it recent updates on Instagram, Facebook, webinars, the trend of live streams, and one of the most evident things, TikTok. All of these updates revolve around the concept of videography. Especially, companies these days are investing a lot in putting out the best videos of their services or products because that is exactly what aligns with the preference of people these days.

Video Marketing

Videos are later put on social media platforms later but at first how well the video is shot really counts. Speaking of how it is shot, another thing is finding a good videographer. Stating “good” not only means good shots, but it also involves how the concept of the subject of the client’s or company’s work is put into it. And this comes with experience which means you should find a professional videographer or an agency that provides such services. You may also go local, for example, if you’re living in Chicago, you may prefer to find a professional Chicago Videographer.

It is not just about good shots as we mentioned earlier, there are other things that as a part of video content marketing play a significant role.

It also involves important things like promotion of the products and the services, building up client engagement and promoting the brand, and boosting the reach on social media.

It is important to keep in mind that a bad video marketing plan, however, can have negative or even serious effects on the company. Customers may come to view your brand as unreliable or worse, a bother, leading them to swiftly switch to competitors. This mostly happens when the content shown to the public does not really match what it offers in reality.

As we ourselves are in this field for years, we understand how beneficial video marketing is, and we want to help you get there! Here are some of the tips we’ve pulled that can definitely help you to make a difference in the way how video marketing works for you eventually leading to better sales:

Know How Video Marketing Works:

Know How Video Marketing Works

Product Demonstration:

product demonstration

The concept here is very simple, “what you show is what people buy.” The best medium for the product of your product and selling it is video. Here, you can showcase all of your product’s characteristics and advantages to potential clients and customers.

In addition to the same, considering the product you’re selling, you can actually demonstrate to them how to assemble, operate, maintain, and fix it. Undoubtedly, the visual and aural impact of this type of media makes it significantly better than other media.

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Product demos can assist you in selling items that your potential customers would find too challenging to utilize. One of the ways that can help you stand out from the crowd of competitors is that you can demonstrate how quick and simple they are to use. Additionally, it can get past any concerns they might have that would make it harder for you to explain things to them otherwise.

Commercial Purposes:

Commercial Purposes

Advertising has been a part of digital marketing for decades but it has also been modified just like any other method. The use of television advertisements is no longer limited to big businesses. Today, even small businesses can afford to create video advertising. These advertisements can be seen on cable television, your website, YouTube, DVD, or Blu-ray.

To go the extra mile, your business should use video advertising to promote its goods. Your audience is introduced to your goods or service through a thirty- or sixty-second commercial. It might increase awareness among potential customers. Additionally, it allows you to swiftly convey a crucial benefit, which in turn may result in a sale.



This is one of the methods that seem the most realistic in the public eye. The cornerstone of selling is testimonials. Video displays verbal and nonverbal interactions, making it the finest medium for delivering testimonies.

Here is where the psychological part dives in. The speaker’s message can be made more powerful by using their body language. There is no doubt that video testimonies are more credible than written quotes. It is also shareable.

From the audience’s perspective, the witness who is providing their testimony is visible to you. You can see how happy they look, you can how they put their experiences in the form of words, and how real it seems to be. You must have heard about the commercial term. “ Brand loyalty”, brand loyalty doesn’t come just like that if the customer does not believe in what you’re selling. Testimonials play a great role in this.

Additionally, you can hear how people enunciate the words, some with more emotion than others. And what sells is feeling. It’s better to mix testimonials from professionals and real customers.

Customers are bound to compare one product with another, it comes to them naturally. Thanks to the competition in today’s time, however with the right type of methods and tactics used you can still be in the lead.

Introduction Video:

Introduction Video

An introduction film describing your business and its offerings would be ideal for your website. A video can introduce your management team to potential clients. Additionally, it can display your service or manufacturing processes. These introductions can greatly aid in the development and maintenance of relationships with your audience, particularly with clients in distant locations who might never have the opportunity to meet you in person.

Your home page is the best place to put out an introduction video, but you can also have them on your product or service sites, management page, contact us page, and other pages. Adapting the messages to your needs is the key. You definitely need a professional Chicago Video Production company to pull off all the methods like this.

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The “how to” types:

Considering the nature and the truth of today’s generation, most people are running after getting things done as fast as they can which also means they are looking for shortcuts.

When the working of a product or a service is described to the client, it saves them time and also brings clarity about what the company is offering to them. The ideal medium for instructing your audience on “how to” do anything is video. These “how-to” are more instructional than promotional in nature. However, they boost sales by fostering customer loyalty after the sale, encouraging customers to come back to you for further goods and services and to recommend you to others.

Now, let’s discuss how video marketing benefits terms of business on the profit side:

Better Conversion Rates:

Better Conversion Rates

This has been one of the most effective tactics to boost sales using the videos of the products or the services category. More than 100% as per the stats revealed in recent times.

An “explainer video” is a fantastic way to incorporate video material on a product or service landing page. A customer has the opportunity to view a little film to understand everything about what your product or service performs, typically in an engaging or eye-catching style.

Better Relationships with Customers:

Better Relationships with Customers

If you consider a Chicago Videographer who can help you with the use of well-crafted content, you can increase audience interaction and communication while also offering your brand the qualities of dependability, trust, and sincerity that customers value when choosing to do business with a company.

Another way of building credibility is to get in external reviews from marketers is highly recommended.

These days influencers are all over social media, and companies are making the best of the opportunity. In addition to conveying honesty and fostering viewer trust by working with a well-known influencer to review your good or service, you are also disseminating information about your company via well-known influencers.

This is what Google Loves too!:

Google Loves too

Videos have the tendency to drive a lot of traffic to your site, along with boosting your position and getting views but it is all based on how well your content is SEO optimized. Little things at this point are countable such as a relatable thumbnail, an attractive title along with good quality content.

Better Chances to be Ahead of your Competitor:

Better Chances to be ahead of your Competitor

As it is said nowadays, smart work is what helps you to lead more than hard work. Nothing is worse than producing a brilliant video that adheres to best practices and guidelines, only to see it suffocated by the sheer number of videos currently available. Having said that, it’s crucial to avoid producing several videos with subpar material. Being in the field for since many years, as professionals we’ve seen that it is much preferable to have fewer, higher-quality videos with many more views than a large number of videos with few viewers.

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Videography is the Present and the Future:

Videography is the Present and the Future

The basic videography methods won’t help your content to stand out. Proper strategic planning and methods to implement the same are needed in the first place. How are we utilizing technologies to play a significant role in this? More formats are needed than ever for video content in order to engage viewers and make them interested in you and your business.

It’s crucial to evaluate how videos might be used to create the biggest impact, from one-to-one marketing videos to live streams. It varies with the platform you’ve chosen. Now is the ideal time to start producing video content, remaining current on the most cutting-edge ways to reach people, and taking advantage of the future of VR, AR, and streaming platforms.

Video content is readily available everywhere and enticing to even the most uninterested viewers, making it an essential marketing tool for reaching a sizeable customer base at any time. That’s the power of video marketing!

Easy to Spread the Word:

Videos are frequently shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, which increases your visibility and viewership with little to no additional work.

As per the research and the statistics, tweets with videos receive 10 times more interaction than those without, and videos in promoted tweets reduce cost-per-engagement by more than 50%.

If you’re a digital marketer, you must be quiet in the world of LinkedIn.

Speaking of the same, LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to publish videos on the platform.

After seeing a customized video on the platform, according to Pinterest users, they are 2.6 times more likely to make a buy.

On Instagram, the video would receive more interaction from users than any other sort of material.


To conclude, there is no doubt that social media loves video content when put into use properly it will definitely give you the best results to boost sales and increase traffic as well. Build yourself as a great brand and set your foot set as the leader in the world of digital marketing.

These points are definitely going to help you however when you get professionals to dive into your work, it can actually take a different direction and create a new lead. For example, if you hire a Chicago Video Production company, it is going to help with effective and in-depth methods to change the whole game. They focus is solely on better marketing purposes which are quite different from the owner of the business itself because he/she must be having their mind on other aspects of the business as well which is why you should hire an agency that can actually help you with all the marketing prospects for progressive growth of your business.

We at https://www.k3videoproduction.com/  are a team of professionals that provides specialised services in video production. Our years of experience make us who we are, the experts. We our better at our business because we believe in making our client’s business better! We are here to help you with all types of commercial videography and  photography services. You can get in touch with us at your website as mentioned above.

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