Tips For Making a Successful Corporate Video

tips for making successful corporate video

Tips For Making a Successful Corporate Video

It is an established fact by now, that the average consumer, irrespective of the industry, invariably searches for a product on the internet and watches its videos online before deciding to purchase it.

This is why corporate brand videos have become an integral part of marketing strategies for brands. An effective marketing campaign is reinforced with a tactfully made corporate video that does everything a text-based marketing initiative cannot. This has helped brands improve their conversions significantly for years now.

However, when making corporate videos, it is not enough to craft a simple narrative, shoot a video, and call it a day. Given the influence of digital devices and the amount of video content that users consume on a daily basis, you need a powerful video that demands attention from the large pool of mediocre videos, to achieve the desired impact.

This is where a corporate video production company can help you.

We at K3 are a team of veterans in video production, skilled in the art of visual storytelling that can transform ordinary messages into powerful narratives that compel viewers to engage and perform an action. We use data-driven techniques and psychologically reflective strategies to create stories that are guaranteed to induce conversions.

Coming from our experts, here is a list of 6 tips on how to make a successful corporate video.

Pick a Purpose based on the most Pressing Need and Find a Story to Narrate it

Corporate videos can serve different purposes; while some might be explainers, some may introduce a new product, or involve a customer testimonial. Depending on your need of the hour, pick a purpose that complements and amplifies your marketing efforts. For example, if your brand is on a journey of building trust testimonial videos may work wonders. On the other hand, if you are in the introductory stage as a brand, an exceptional brand story video may entice the audience.

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Once you pick your main purpose, find stories to weave the idea together and craft a compelling narrative around it. To do that, pick the crucial elements that you need included in your video and brainstorm ideas to narrate it in a unique format.

Get to Know your Audience before Crafting your Story

When crafting the story for the video, remember that it has to be resonating and relatable for viewers. For this, the first step is to get to know your target audience. Research thoroughly and analyze the usage patterns, challenges, behavioral traits, income ranges, and age groups of your ideal customers. Conduct a deep analysis of their main pain points and common issues to create captivating hooks that will likely stop the viewer in their tracks and demand their undivided attention. Partnering with a corporate video production company will help you perform this crucial feat systematically, as they are typically equipped and skilled with the best technologies and analytics systems that will help study your ideal buyer in detail.

Show more, Tell Less

Consumers seldom have the time or the attention span to read or listen to long strings of text or monotone voices. Instead of boring people with narrations or emails, catch attention with engaging and unique visuals that work together to convey a laser-focused message. Communicate the idea through a thoughtful array of visuals that will allow viewers of all types, including people who watch videos without sound, to take home the essence of the video.

In light of one of the most prominent video marketing trends of 2024 – silent videos, this strategy of showing more and talking less, could not be more accurate for the year. Crafting videos that don’t rely on sound, but rather work independently to communicate important matters, is indeed the “it theme” now.

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Focus on the Benefits of the Customer

This comes as a no-brainer, yet many marketers fail to use it. Customers do not have the time, interest, or patience to listen to how great you are, or how great your product is. What they are interested in, is how their problems can be solved, or how their life can be made better.

Hence, when creating stories focus solely on the benefits that your product offers to end-users. Show them how your product will help improve their life or solve a pressing problem they face. Tell your story from the perspective of the consumer and drive the narrative with empathy-driven facts. This will help customers resonate with your brand more, leading to improved trust and conversions.

Choose Powerful Visuals Strategically

The visuals in your video must not only be powerful in grabbing customer attention but must also reflect your brand’s personality and image. You can use anything from real live video footage to animated graphics, stop motion graphics, or anything else. Your video can also look fun and lively, or professional and concise. The key is to brainstorm unique and powerful visuals that will collectively convey your message while staying within your branding package.

For this, narrow down elements according to your brand image and weave a story with the usable resources. When producing the script, ensure to include eye-catching imagery and intriguing intros to grab attention as well as retain interest. Your ultimate goal is to entice viewers to watch the video till the end. Experienced corporate video production companies are masters of this craft.

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Invest in Top-Notch Tech

Lastly, aim for and invest in the highest video quality. No matter what you do, if your video lacks clarity, sharpness, focus, and stability, it will most likely never stand out. In the vast and ever-growing pool of video content, many of them are shot using mobile devices, and not using professional equipment, poses the risk of your video looking like another one of those. Invest in top-notch technologies for shooting, editing, as well as creative storytelling. Refrain from over-relying on AI-infused tools and use them only for redundant and less creative tasks. In short, hire professionals to shoot your brand video, rather than shooting it yourself.

Wrapping Up

Creating compelling videos is all about resonating with customers and offering genuine help and understanding. It is about crafting visual stories that will convey the message in a way that strikes a chord and leaves an impression in viewers’ minds. By using creative storytelling techniques, and powerful visuals enabled through high-quality professional equipment, fused with a strong focus on making customers’ lives better, you can make effective corporate videos that stand out.

Partner with an experienced video production Chicago, like K3video Production, to create your brand video. Contact our team today to see what magic corporate videos can do for your brand.

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