Is Video Content A True Game Changer in SEO Ranking?

Is Video Content A True Game Changer in SEO Ranking?

Is Video Content A True Game Changer in SEO Ranking?

Technology has been introducing new mediums of media and communications, which have definitely resulted in a positive and effective change in our society. As much as there is a new availability of options, with that it has become more confusing which medium is the best and most effective one. Undoubtedly, it is video content. Therefore, yes, video content is truly a game changer when it comes to SEO ranking.

Let’s find out more to this. 

Video is one of the best and most effective mediums in the world of media especially for boosting traffic, engagement, or conversions.

Video content is now an exciting and cost-effective marketing tactic for your company thanks to the decline in video production costs by a corporate video production company like with no compromise in the quality of the content.

Is Video Content A True Game Changer in SEO Ranking?

Any professional video producer or content marketer will agree with the fact that your SEO efforts and search engine ranking can benefit from video content. Let’s understand some of the important key factors

Importance of Video Content:

There is enough evidence to show that technology, particularly social media, has made it harder for us to focus.

As we mentioned above, there have multiple mediums in the world of media that have been introduced throughout past few decades. One of the major changes that have been seen so far is the rise in the competition of these mediums. It has reached the point, that when it comes to video content as less than seven seconds are given to marketers to capture the audience.

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If your written or visual material can’t keep viewers interested and entertained after the first few seconds, they’ll go on to the next interesting article or video. That’s for sure!

Based on the facts, the type of material that can instantly connect with and engage an audience is video. Additionally, people would rather watch a two-minute movie than read a 2,000 word article.

Video content’s success and appeal are neither a coincidence nor an accident. Businesses rely on video marketing to increase conversions since consumers love watching videos.

Here are some reasons, why video content is highly preferred:

Videos are crisp and to the point:

In just a 2-3 minute film, information that typically requires several pages and thousands of words can be outlined. Videos are an effective way to convey a lot of information quickly. In today’s busy world, where especially everything is put on the internet, your content should be crispy and catchy. It is also important that you get professional guidance like getting in touch with a corporate video production company in such a scenario.

Additionally, videos convey important information in a way that engages the audience. In contrast to long-form writing content, short videos typically don’t include dull spots. Videos that are brief and to the point pique viewers’ curiosity and keep them hooked on the CTA. Because they encourage viewers to stay on the page longer, brief and concise films are beneficial for SEO.

It is hard to believe all this surprising information which is why we are now considering the statistics. According to statistics, 5% of viewers abandon a video after 60 seconds. After two minutes, around 60% of the audience has already left the video.

Therefore, if you want your target audience to watch the entire video, make it brief and to the point (generate crispy content). More individuals are watching videos on handheld devices these days. Smartphone users like short movies since they can watch them in their entirety when traveling, taking a break at work, etc. Additionally, companies should remember that more than 55% of movies watched on mobile devices are under 5 minutes long.

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Best way to tell stories:

Videos and PowerPoint presentations both provide a ton of useful information. Why aren’t presentations as common among the general public as videos?

To engage the audience, more information is not necessarily better. Videos effectively tell stories while fusing hard facts. These two taken together will stick in the mind longer. The message will be held for a lot longer when marketers utilize stories to deliver it. It was discovered that even 30 days later, 4 out of 5 people could still recall a video. More than half of them took subsequent action. Videos that convey stories are effective because they cause the brain’s emotional centers to react.

Video content improves experience:

Videos may harm the user experience, many marketers feared. Nothing is more false than it is. The user experience will only improve with videos about affiliate products. There is sufficient evidence to demonstrate how videos increase website traffic, keep visitors on the page longer, and eventually improve SEO and ranking.

Users remain on a website with video content 88% longer on average. Over 95% of people claimed they could remember the video call to action in comparison to text CTA.

Websites with at least one video on them are 45 times more likely to appear higher in search results.

It is important to understand that the timing, quantity, and method of viewing are all up to the viewers. Video content is an enticing magnet that draws traffic, enhances user experience, and raises ranking due to its simplicity of use, accessibility, and content management. Make the best out of it!

Because Google Values Video Content, You Should too. 

Experts have repeatedly said unequivocally that video is the best type of material to increase audience engagement. Google also consistently gives priority to content marketing techniques that increase engagement. Websites with more engaging video content will experience higher traffic and more conversions.

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Quality Backlinks are Favored by Google: 

Websites with videos receive 300% more inbound links than websites without videos. If you’re wondering, then no, it still isn’t late to hire a corporate video production company to help you professionally improve your reach and content.

Authority pages are those that have inbound links that are of a higher caliber. They get more traffic and are shared more frequently. The Google algorithm will prefer pages with higher reputation and authority.

Google Stickiness Index:

This is something that we have already talked about. The Stickiness Factor measures how long visitors stay on a page to watch a video. This is a crucial element for Google in determining a page’s quality. One of the finest strategies for keeping visitors on the website longer is video.

Keywords and Google:

The industry leader in search engine optimization still use keywords and how they are used to determine a web page’s rating. When a video is uploaded, the transcript should be added as metadata in order for Google to grasp the video’s subject and relevance.

Google and YouTube

Google will also prefer videos that perform well on YouTube, garnering more views, shares, and comments. Google consistently gives audience-engaging and entertaining content priority. It follows that Google will inevitably favor video material. You must also adore video content and implement it into your SEO approach precisely because of this.

Now that you must’ve understood the importance of video content in SEO ranking and marketing as well, there is one more thing that you shouldn’t neglect at all. Creating content is not that big of a deal, but creating content that would have the high stakes of having the audience attracted matters a lot. To create content that would actually catch the attention of your target audience you must definitely seek professional assistance. is that corporate video production company that will help you in video production and create the kind of content that will actually be the game changer for your business.

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