DIY Vs Professional Video Production: When to Seek an Expert

DIY Vs Professional Video Production When to Seek an Expert

DIY Vs Professional Video Production: When to Seek an Expert

As the digital age progresses, we are witnessing more advanced tools and technologies, including high-performing smartphones capable of doing unimaginable things. Coupled with the power of what’s possibly the biggest breakthrough in the world of tech – AI, individuals now have what it takes to fly solo in their endeavors.

This has paved the way for DIY video content, especially in the creators’ community. Digital content producers are now turning to shooting, editing, and posting their own videos to cut down on the bearing costs and improve ROI.

However, is it the right thing to do? Does it work for all?

Let’s discuss.

Pros and Cons of DIY videos

DIY videos have the primary advantage of being cost-effective. They can be done with ample creative freedom, at the comfort of the place you choose as a creator, and they can be shot with equipment as simple as a smartphone.

However, the results will mostly be based on your best guesswork. Moreover, while the cost of filming a video yourself with the resources you have may cut costs, the lack of professional equipment may show up in the form of mediocre quality. The clarity, the visual storytelling techniques, the art direction, the aesthetics, etc. may all be at par with an experimental level.

Now this may work well enough if you are doing video content creation as a hobby, or a business where you are not seeking serious growth immediately.

To achieve solid growth through video content, you inevitably need the services of experts in video production in Chicago.

Here are some more reasons why you need professional video content.

Science-backed and data-driven results

Professionals in video production have years of experience, topped with technical qualifications in the art and science of creating video content. This means, their production strategies and concepts are based on real data and science-backed approaches that are proven to drive desired results. They study your brand, your target audience, and your goals with video content to create highly tailored videos that match your requirements and generate visible results in the way you imagined. Unlike a video you create yourself with less reliable metrics, professionals create videos with solid metrics and hands-on experience, leading to more reliable results.

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Unmatched quality coming from top-notch equipment

When you hire an expert in video production in Chicago, you essentially tap into a wholesome chest of top-notch resources, both human and equipment. With the right types of shooting lenses, framing tools, lighting fixtures, editing software, and technical acumen, you get unmatched quality in your videos. In a world where more than 70% of brands are already sharing video content, you need a distinguishing factor to stand out and appeal to your audience; make them choose you and your products over your competitors. Professional quality video content will do that for you; everything from the lighting to the frames to the clarity and other technical aspects will be top of the grade.

Expert storytelling

Storytelling is an art that has the power to penetrate minds and make a profound impact if done right. As opposed to a DIY video where you convey a message in a way inspired by the video content you may have already seen, professional videos use proven-effective storytelling techniques to reach out to people and induce them to take action. With many years of experience, video production professionals create content that resonates and connects with viewers in a way that nothing else can.

Strategic editing

They say editing is where all the magic happens. Free editing applications and manual video enhancements can only do so much when it comes to improving the effectiveness of your video. Professionals can turn ordinary footage into engaging, fun, thought-provoking, and memorable pieces of art that linger on in the minds of viewers, long after it is over. As an average content creator, you may be able to edit your videos to the effect of removing unnecessary and filler pieces. Professionals on the other hand will be able to transform your video into a unique and immersive piece of content that grabs attention and connects with your audience.

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Experienced videography

Experts in video production in Chicago always prepare the script and storyboard ahead, with a clear strategy and technique to tell the story. This makes it possible for them to plan and prepare each shot, gather the necessary resources, and film it exactly how they intended. When put together, each individual shot adds up in the entire video, revealing a magical flow of thoughts and actions that influence you in some way. DIY videos on the other hand are often shot with less thought and limited resources, leading to a flow that is mediocre and not powerful, possibly causing viewers to click out.

Immersive visual experiences

The end result of a professionally produced video is often a unique immersive visual experience; a wonderful amalgamation of expert videography, top-quality equipment, and experience-driven storytelling techniques. DIYing will most likely help create a video that conveys what you need but does not necessarily have the impact you were looking for. To reach out and extract what you need from your audience, you inevitably need to create memorable video experiences for that, and that is possible only with the help of experts.

When to hire an expert, and when to DIY

In the realm of video content creation, there are a myriad of new technologies, including AI-infused systems rising by the day. This naturally paves the way for more creators to start their one-man army in content creation and digital influencing.

Here are some cases where you can stick to DIY videos and make your digital presence felt.

·       If you are starting as an individual content creator with no intentions of monetizing your presence

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·       If you have a creator account with a primary focus on photographs

·       If you have a platform presence for a purpose without intentions to grow or multiply

·       If your audience does not enjoy much of video content

·       If you working for your personal brand with no immediate intentions to grow or reap profits

Now here is where you will inevitably need to hire an expert in video production in Chicago.

·       If you work for a brand that sells products or services with intentions to grow and reap more profits

·       If you are starting a solid business with product or service offerings, with intentions to create awareness and earn new customers

·       If you are an individual creator looking to grow your presence and earn more revenue

·       If you need to spread awareness in your niche and reach out to more people for reasons other than monetization

·       If you work passionately for a non-profit cause that helps the world at large and you need to improve your reach

·       If you need to achieve certain goals within a fixed timeframe for your own business or any other

The decision to choose a professional video content producer or to DIY should be based on your goals and intentions with video content. As mentioned, most goals concerning monetization and growth in the near future will inevitably need professional help. On the other hand, video content supporting hobbies and general thoughts can very well be done yourself.

Final thoughts

Video content is undoubtedly ubiquitous these days, with more than 90% of digital users consuming hours’ worth of video content every day. It only makes sense for you as a brand owner or a marketer, to utilize the advantages that come with video. The bottom line is that to make an impactful reach and to use video content to grow, you need professional quality video content that stands out.

Contact K3 Video Production, Chicago to supercharge your content creation with video, and maximize ROI. For more updates check our Facebook page.

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