6 Killer Video Marketing Strategies You Need to Use Right Now

6 Killer Video Marketing Strategies You Need to Use Right Now

6 Killer Video Marketing Strategies You Need to Use Right Now

It is a known fact that video is THE most effective format of content out there. For the same reason, video marketing is the most powerful way to make an impact. In fact, you will find more than 90% of brands, irrespective of their industry, try to leverage video content.

Especially since the advent of video-centric social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, video marketing has become the “it” thing if brands wish to connect with their audience and make sales.

And that is precisely why you need to use this tool too.

However, as is the case with all forms of marketing, you need to be smart with your moves, lest your efforts go in vain. You need to be able to reach out, grab the audience’s attention, deliver a message, and induce action with your video.

How do you do that?

Experts in video production in Chicago can help you create the kind of content that is tailored to the Chicago community, or wherever your target audience is.

For a head start on your journey, here are 6 super-effective video marketing strategies you need to use right now!

Optimize Videos for Search Engines

Optimizing your video content is one of the most important things you can do to improve effectiveness. Without optimizing your video, there is a good chance it may never even reach the eyes of your target audience.

For starters, make sure your content is of the best quality. Include value in every video you make, and pick a suitable length for your video, based on your historic watch times. It will help you see how long your target viewers are willing to watch your content.

Other things you can do to optimize your video include the following.

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·       Add a short, concise, and interesting title to your video. Ensure that it gives a clear idea of what the video is about, and add relevant keywords

·       Add a short and clear description of the video, including keywords. It must be informative and must get viewers to watch the whole video

·       Add closed captions or subtitles so that search engines have enough content to crawl through

·       Include keywords in the metadata as well, so that search engines can get more information for indexing and ranking

Focus on Paid Promotions

Paid promotions or sponsored ads are extremely effective in attracting the right audience for your brand. Social media ads, YouTube ads, and Google ads allow you to customize your ad set, with which you can micro-target specific groups of customers, depending on your ideal buyer persona. You can set demographics, income groups, age groups, interests, and more, on the basis of which your video ad will be displayed to potential customers. You can also set goals for your ads, such as more link clicks, more inquiries, etc.

One of the best things about implementing paid promotions is that they are highly flexible and cost-effective. Most social media platforms offer affordable ad packages that can be further customized to suit your advertising budget.

Furthermore, paid ads give you fairly quick results as well. You can assess your results, make improvements, and optimize the ad to reach your goals faster.

Repurpose Existing Content that did well Previously

If you didn’t already know, social media content can be repurposed to achieve better results. That’s right. Pick out a previous LinkedIn post, a Facebook post, or an Instagram post that did well and convert it into an engaging video. It will have above 60% chance of doing better. You can also pick a YouTube video that attracted some good business, and repurpose the same concept in the form of a new and improved video. You can include the latest updates to the topic if there are any. Don’t forget to optimize it for search engines as well.

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More than 70% of brands repurpose their content already, and that should tell you something about the strategy. Experts in video marketing and video production in Chicago can tell you how to utilize this strategy to reap the best results.

Max out on YouTube

YouTube is popular for a reason. It is the second largest search platform after Google, and needless to say, Google loves YouTube videos. Capitalize on the most popular video content-sharing platform by creating high-value, informative, and engaging YouTube videos. Some of the most watched and engaged videos will be automatically pushed by Google as well.

You can make videos on multiple topics including product demos, explainer videos, behind-the-scenes, instructional videos, webinars, company events, and many more. Make sure to optimize your videos, share them, and most importantly stay consistent. Update your channel with regular videos to improve your reach and subscriber base.

Seek the help of experienced professionals in video production in Chicago to make the most of YouTube videos for your brand.

Leverage UGC

UGC or User Generated Content is currently one of the most effective and popular strategies in video marketing. Many brands make use of UGC content, including giants like Amazon.

The idea is to share videos of your products and services created by genuine users of the same. There are multiple ways to implement this strategy. You can either pay genuine content creators on YouTube or Instagram to use your product and create videos of their reviews. You can also invite your followers to participate in contests where they will need to share videos of your product being used.

Unboxing videos are another great type of video that you can easily get some of your customers to send you. This is exactly what Amazon did too.

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UGC videos are so effective because they provide a real, and authentic review of your product, from a user. This naturally builds trust among other users as well.

After all, as Scott Cook said, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.

Create Personalized Videos for Followers

Social media channels revolutionized the way brands communicate with their consumers. And the prime factor that did so, was how it encouraged two-way communication, as opposed to conventional one-sided print and digital advertisements. In this day and age, it is inevitable for brands to communicate effectively with their followers and consumers on social media, making them feel heard, understood, and valued.

Most brands interact through posts, comments, stories, DMs, and more. Why not communicate through personalized videos as well?

Sure, it involves some extra effort, but you can rely on pre-designed templates that you can easily alter for different customers. Professionals in video production in Chicago can create exceptional videos specifically meant for your Chicago community or any other target audience group. You can use them across segregated customer groups, or personalize them further to share with specific brand advocates.

Such personal videos make your customers feel extra special and valued and induce others to join the family as well.

High-profile brands like Dell have already joined the bandwagon. As part of their #delllove campaign, they shared personalized and uniquely created thank you videos to some of their followers.

Bottom line

Video content is definitely the name of the game in this age. Social media platforms are all expanding their capabilities to make video sharing possible, not to mention exclusive video-sharing platforms like YouTube growing as well.

To make impactful video content that improves engagement, traffic, and sales for your brand, make use of these winning video marketing strategies.

For professional help and for more science-backed strategies to improve the effectiveness of your video content, contact K3 Video Production. Get on a quick call with our agent today to see how you can accelerate your business with video.

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