What Is Headshot Photography And Difference Between Portrait And Headshot Photography?

If you are thinking headshot photography is just about having a picture of a person who is sitting or standing and capturing a shot, but you are wrong here, the thing you think is simple but in actual it is not. Headshot photography seems simple but is quite a stressful thing; the photographer has to take a shoot that the audience may like. For that photographer has to be considering many things to have a successful shot.

At K3 Video production, the foremost video production company comes first in the list of top best video production companies Chicago. We have a team of experienced and proficient headshot photographers, who is well known as the ultimate Chicago photographer because of their work.


Headshot photography is all about digital portraits and most importantly the focus is on the person. This type of photography is only used for professional purposes like a social media dating profile, about us page for the website as well as promotional pictures of actors and models. There is a quite difference between headshot photography & portrait which is as follows:

Headshots are dissimilar to portraits for a couple of reasons. The prime reason is that, in headshot focus on the face only and it frequently contains head & shoulders, with a supreme focus on the face. Plus, in this photo, there are no disturbing props or backgrounds. If you think that the background seems boring but it’s not, however, the purpose should be clear in this type.

On the contrary, Portraits, gather a variety of requirements. In this, not only face is included but can be waist-up or full-body shots, as well as they, contain props & setups of every explanation.

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Moreover, client perceptions play a significant role here. For headshot photography, numerous people seek out professional photographers to do headshots; also they have something detailed in mind when they ask for that. Further, it’s imperative for the photographer to take the time as well as to talk to their customer. 

However, this is all about headshot photography, well K3 video production has a team of experienced members who deliver you the ultimate video production services. Well, this service, video production contains three phases to process, which is known as the video production process

  1. a) Pre-video production
  2. b) Video production
  3. c) Post video production

Phase one is where all the preparation & coordination, as well as planning, happens, in the second phase is whenever we capture all the elements that will be in our final video, further in phase three is where all the fundamentals are edited together & collective to produce the final video. 

Importance of the video production process

  1. Reliability: 

When the shooting happens at different places like a studio, at the office, a friend’s home, or any other place, unfortunately, there are numerous moving pieces come together. Also, it is important to have professional actors or spokespeople, plus to examine all the details that the shoot is going logically or systematically. All the things should happen in the video production process.

  1. Conventional Timeline:  

The video production process requires time. Well, it’s not like an iPhone video, which is simple: just pick up a camera one day & have a video in your hands the next. Therefore, for the best video production, it requires much time in planning for before & after the shoot. Moreover, only a conventional, as well as tested video process can assist you to go from an educated guess to a perfect prediction. 

  1. Limited Pricing: 
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Talking about the pricing, most construction rates are based on time. The more time consumed on planning, shooting, and editing the video the more cost required. However, the addition of extra days and crew members will automatically add in payment. 

  1. Fewer Revisions:  

When talking about your objectives, it should be clear in pre-production and compare your mission; you shouldn’t need to revise the entire process at the end of the project. On the contrary, if you go from side to side that whole project lacks a real process; you may end up with a struggle that needs extra editing as well as time to determine.

Above is some significance of the video production process. Numerous companies have their unique way of the video production process, however, the bottom line is that process permits video teams to have a conventional pace, trustworthy results ensure quality as well as responsibility. 

To have the best services of the video production process, we K3 comes first from the best video production companies Chicago. Also, we deliver ultimate services within your budget and timely. So, what are you waiting for?? Explore your business and have a profit. For any query regarding video production call us at any time.

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