Know The Difference Between Commercial And Advertising Photography

In the competitive market, advertising & commercial both of the photography is specific as well as significant forms of photography for a knowledgeable & skilled photographer. However, advertising photography & commercial photography are also entirely different. Well, some by far confuse these two because both have the goal of marketing something; their primary purposes, as well as functions, are very different.

To explore your product or business, you require professional Commercial Photographers; we at K3 video production have a team of experts for Chicago product photography. All our Commercial photographers in Chicago have deep knowledge regarding the shoot and explore your business. If you are a little bit confused regarding commercial and advertising photography then this blog will help you to clear out all your doubts. Let’s have a look at the following facts:

Difference b/w Commercial & Advertising Photography


a) Commercial photography element

An experienced commercial photographer shoots photos of models, buildings, artifacts, landscapes, as well as merchandise. And, these pictures are used for promotional purposes in advertisements, books, reports, catalogs, & other places of interest. Also, commercial photography devotes the entire photoshoot to your product or service.

However, talking about the pictures you see on the internet. Whenever you look for a meticulous product, you can see several images that are viewed as a part of your search result. Well, this is a great example of commercial photographs. And, these pictures showcase the real meaning of a product in the best possible manner. Plus, these pictures wouldn’t be wrong to state that commercial photographers are similar to artists. Besides, they give details of an attractive story by using colors, lighting, framing, & stylish images.

b) Advertising photography element

On the other hand, this type of photography always captures the emotions, feelings, or you can say temper that a specific product elicits in the viewer. On the opposite side, like commercial photography in Chicago, promotional pictures reveal to the viewer’s instincts & compel them to buy the product. Thus, whether the pictures are fashionable as well as attractive, the ultimate goal of advertising photography is to make the audience buy.


Differences in approach

Next, commercial photography offers a distinguished framing of the pictures. And, this characteristic makes sure that the viewers do not stray away from the product in focus. So, as a result, styling, setting, & lighting have an impartial effect.  On the other hand, talking about advertising photography resorts to fashionable, bold, & imaginative framing techniques.

Moreover, it aims to have audiences’ attention & bring to mind specific emotions in them about the product. Therefore, technologies used also differ in the two photography methods. Whereas commercial photographers may not use dazzling light in the shoot,  the reason is it can overwhelm the product.


Differences in the End Users

More significantly, end-users are also different for commercial as well as advertising photography. Generally, pictures captured by commercial photographers are used for promotional purposes. Whereas, retail businesses are their primary apprehension. However, commercial photographers also cover residential properties. Plus, homeowners, real estate managers, our architects also form a part of their client base.

To exemplify, think about your comic book store. Today, if you wish to showcase the showroom of your artist, then you hire a commercial photographer.

On the contrary, the picture you won was an auction for a rare issue of the comic book. Nowadays, you would want an advertising photographer to entice others to buy this issue from you.

To sum up, after taking a look at the above-mentioned facts, you would know the importance of commercial photography. Therefore, to explore your brand and products, and to have more benefits, contact us any time. We deliver you the ultimate services of Commercial photography in Chicago city within your budget.

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