Important Tips to Take Best Headshot Photography

Well, we all know that a headshot is a photographic procedure where the emphasis of the photograph is a person’s face. However, headshots are a critical piece of many professionals PR packets. And, an active headshot for models, actors, as well as other performance professionals will be the difference between acquiring the gig or not. Also, your customers can be no more excited than if they get a gig based on the power of their headshot, thus, this means more jobs for photographers.


Therefore for the best Chicago headshot photography, K3 video production considered the best. We have a team of professional photographers, who always take their shot perfectly. Following are the main tips that our photographers follow for the ultimate headshot photography:

  • Focus on the eyes.

Firstly, the eyes are said to be the window of the soul. For that reason, nothing is more important than achieving sharp, crisp eyes in your shot. Our photographers capture the eyes in a powerful way that will draw the viewer into the photo, establishing a strong connection that will speak volumes.

  • Watch your angles.

Secondly, we remember that for close up shots, angles will affect the outcome look & feel. Whereas for women, our professional photographers make the eyes appear larger & the face more delicate by shooting down on them. However, for men, we emphasize strength as well as an achievement by shooting slightly up.

  • Use diffused light.

Next, in close up shots, the skin is a central feature. And, it’s crucial to show the skin without blemishes. Well, we accomplish this by using diffused light to gently wrap around the skin, also bringing definition along the lines of the face without highlighting blemishes.

  • Add a hair light

Also, the detail is critical in head-shots & is no more dynamic than when created with a hair-light. So, a hair-light can be placed above or behind the subject [with a flash of the sun] to add depth to the shot, as well as pull the top of the head out of the background.

  • Use of Lens

Moreover, nothing is more disturbing than a near-dynamic headshot that fails simply because of lens distortion. Therefore, our headshot photographer avoids mid to wide-angle lenses for close headshots. At that time we use a lens that will compress your image and slim your subject’s face which is typically 90mm & above.

  • Guide expression

Furthermore, the final most important element is an expression to match the purpose of the headshot. Well, it’s our job as a photographer to pull out the most natural looks from your subjects. And, do so by guiding them through complimenting conversation; such as asking serious questions to pull out a thoughtful gaze, or cracking a joke to capture a natural smile.

To conclude, if you want the best headshot photography in Chicago, then rather waste time on searching, just browse K3 video production and hire the best headshot photographer within your budget. Also, for more information regarding any type of photography call K3 today!

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