Important Reasons That Show the Necessity of Explainer Videos For Your Business.

Well, generally, we just know that having a video marketing strategy is necessary for everyone. However, every business can benefit from creating an animated explainer video production Chicago.

Thinking about the reasons for the necessity of explainer videos for business, then take a look at the following reasons:

  • Reading vs. Watching Videos

What you think!!!! who would win this match? I think you guessed it, videos, of course. And, people would rather watch your explainer video, instead of reading lots of text about your brand & products.

Also, your audience will choose the information they want to see based on how easy it is to process it.

Thus, if you want your message to get into your audience’s brains, then a video is your choice.

  • Videos boost your SEO

Secondly, one of the factors that are taken into account by Google for their rankings is the time that your visitors spend on a website. Thus, if your audience spends more time on your website, it will send a positive message to the search engines, as well as it will contribute to your content appearing higher in searches.

  • You get to be in the second largest search engine in the world

Next, YouTube is one of the websites with the most traffic on the internet, and it’s the biggest platform in the world, plus (after Google) it’s the second largest search engine!

So, confused? Then, you shouldn’t be. Now, think about every time you’ve entered YouTube to find educational content, “how-to” videos, or DIYs that have helped you solve a problem or teach you how to do something.

  • Video helps you build a strong relationship with your audience

Moreover, Video content uses the power of storytelling to build trust & strong relationships with your audience. And, stories are powerful enough to let your audience know that your brand understands their struggles, as well as that you know how to help them.

Thus, this is especially true when you use animated explainer videos. And, with animated characters & scenarios, then you get to create characters that resemble your target audience building a sense of identification with your viewers.

  • Video content is gold for both social media and email marketing

Further, if you’ve been paying attention to the digital world, you’re probably certain of two things in life: Firstly, the power of email marketing is unquestionable. Secondly, video content is the cornerstone of every social network worth considering.

So, let’s talk about email marketing first. Well, unquestionable as its power is, it can easily be improved by using video content. In reality, the simple inclusion of the word “video” in the subject line of your email will increase the open rate. Also, if you put a video thumbnail in your email’s body, the click-through rate not only increases & it gets double.

Therefore, video content is a golden tool to use for email marketing! However as we established before, it’s also gold for social platforms.

Now you completely understand the importance of animated explainer photography for business. And, don’t waste time hire the professional one.

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