Important Headshot Photography Tips For Women

Important Headshot Photography Tips For Women

When we use the word “Professionalism” the meaning is not something that we can just write and explain. It is something that is observed and happens when you display it properly as well. Professionalism is showcased in a subtle way, and this is something that usually brings us to consider headshot photography which is one of the best ways to add that professional layer to your name or your brand.

Why is it considered so highly important in the field of business these days? The answer is simple, when you have a standout professional photo, you can demonstrate your professionalism on the inside and the outside.

The truth that we all know is that keeping all other things aside, everyone’s appearance influences how they are seen or judged. There is no lie in that, one cannot just ignore the parameter of noticing how a person presents himself. This is something that is well done professionally with help of Chicago headshot photographer.

In the corporate world, we all are well aware that we have limited time to make a strong first impression, especially in professional settings like job interviews, networking events, and connection-making. This is where headshot photography significantly fits itself in.

Therefore, instead of taking your next LinkedIn photo with a selfie stick, think about using a professional headshot.

NOTE: This article is dedicated to women’s headshot photography, the second one will be dedicated to all our men there.

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Highlight Jawline:

One of the key things you’re going for in female portraiture is a firm jawline without a double chin. Yes, makeup can make a difference but the real game changer is the way your photographs are taken. Our Chicago headshot photographer

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Suggests that it would be better to shoot above eye level, but there are others that are equally crucial.

Here’s a technique: 

The model (subject) should first drop its chin. Then, while grinning, have them press their tongue on the roof of their mouth. Although it may seem strange at first, doing this lengthens the neck, emphasizes the jawline, and helps prevent double chins. Just make sure their tongue isn’t pressing up against their teeth.

Avoid the face too much into the square: 

It has less to do with the size of the model and more to do with where and how they are standing or sitting. From the lens POV, a model’s physique will appear wider, for instance, if she is positioned so that her shoulders are directly in front of the camera.

A Slightly Open Mouth 

The appearance of the mouth in female portraiture can make or ruin a picture. Let’s talk about some common things that happen during headshot photography. A tight, clenched mouth frequently conveys stubbornness, boredom, or even wrath. However, an open mouth and slightly spaced lips convey openness, agreement, willingness, or even vulnerability.

In a technical sense, a closed mouth will frequently cause the jaw to clench, giving the sides of the face the appearance of being heavier. A little open mouth will lengthen the jawline and give the portrait a lot more pleasing vitality.

Another way is to urge the model to tilt its head forward so that it seems like a turtle sticking its head out of its shell while you’re facing them directly. This usually results in a strong, beautiful jawline with the chin coming out and down.

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Careful with hands:

From the model’s POV, knowing what to do with the hands is one of the most challenging aspects of learning how to posture models for photographers. The size of a person’s hand is almost equal to that of their face. It’s crucial to avoid having the hands’ backs or palms directly in front of the face because of this.

Instead, hold your hands out to the side, over your shoulder, in your hair, or under your chin.

Additionally, it’s crucial that the hands are not resting against anything. Make sure the fingers are curled, spaced slightly apart, and only just touching the face or hair.

Keeping aside the getting corporate factor even though most teenagers typically don’t know what to do with their hands in photos, this advice is extremely crucial when coming up with senior picture ideas!

Ask your model’s favorite side:

This is something all women out there would definitely relate to. We all have our favorite sides in which we get our pictures clicked, and you can inform the same to your Chicago headshot photographer.

Shoot from the top:

Defining the chin and jawline will be easier if ask your photographer to shoot from a little bit above where you are standing. It is important to make sure that the camera should always above your eye level.

We have come across many situations when women (curvy ones) have concerns about their appearance in headshot photography, that how would it look.

Based on our professional experience, we can actually say the shoot from a certain height or from the top actually helps in getting the best shots.  Particularly for curvier women, this perspective is fantastic. When the camera is above and farther away, the female figure appears smaller.

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Create space between arms & body:

Ask the model to move their arms such that there is a clear separation between them and their body. The simplest method is to just ask them to put a hand on their hip or bend their elbows slightly to make a gap. Whatever you decide, just make sure there is a clear space between each arm and the torso. This is crucial for maternity photoshoots because the woman will obviously be larger than usual.

Create Curve:

Curves are vital in female portrait photography. They are what most women rely on to feel feminine. The added advantage of emphasizing a female model’s curves is that the waist appears more defined.

This can be accomplished in standing positions by having the model place her weight on her back foot. Boom! Just add a knee bend away from the camera. Beautiful curves run through your front hip and leg. From there, incorporate an elbow bend to emphasize the waist’s curve.


To conclude, headshot photography has become one of those things without which it is hard to put your business face on. Nowadays, almost all kinds of work profiles require headshots. Since it is very crucial work as it is the actual face that gives out an impression of a business or brand, it is important that this should be done by professionals like

Getting the work done from professionals like  Chicago headshot photographer as part of our company will actually give you the best shots. So be ready to create a stunning face of your name and your brand. Feel free to contact us to know more, we would love to hear from you!

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