Ideas To Get Started With Your First Headshot Photograph Session

Ideas To Get Started With Your First Headshot Photograph Session

Except from us, most of our elder siblings and parents’ generations have been through a long phase that has faded with our generation; the phase where there used to be a typical serious picture of a person with black or white solid background color in a formal suit as their way of setting an impression for others in and outside the industry.

First Headshot Photograph

But with the passage of time and trends have changed which is why there has been a significant change in headshot photography as well. It is essential to get proper guidance regarding the same from a professional. What is better than having a professional Chicago headshot photographer.

First of all, the reality of today’s time is that photos of applicants or anyone with a prospect with serious looks taken in front of white background aren’t attractive to employers. If we talk about the market, modern business owners have pretty diverse needs for professional headshots. This calls for attention to the types of poses people must consider and the right attire for these images if they want them to be truly stunning. The next thing is to have ideas for suitable poses for a proper headshot.

Here are some of the Poses that you can Try:


A casual pose with a reflection on lifestyle is what can be best described in terms of lean headshots. One reason is that, as opposed to a rigidly backed photograph, a simple lean against a wall or railing can make the shot feel much more natural and effortless. The subject could pose like resting against a wall. The lean softens the position for a more natural appearance, and the roughness of the wall adds interest.

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Many clients desire a lifestyle essence in their headshots, and taking the subject outside and having them lean against a wall is an easy way to achieve this. Also, it is very important for the subject to choose their outfit as per the aspect they are using their headshot for. One reason is that, as opposed to a rigidly backed photograph, a simple lean against a wall or railing can make the shot feel much more natural. Additionally, the wall will provide context for the shot, and the texture of the wall might bring some personality to the picture.

Crossed Arms:

Looking smart and professional can actually happen here! The crossed-arms pose is the initial pose, which is borrowed from conventional headshots.

In this type of photography, first of all, without merely shifting the subject’s position, ask them to add a tiny lean, and let the crossed arms relax a bit, this pose may feel surprisingly contemporary.

The subject in the frame should be standing with his/her arms crossed and leaning back slightly against the brick wall. The subject is a woman should cross their arms loosely; otherwise, the shot could feel too stern and icy, whereas, men can hold their arms a little tighter, but they should still avoid being as severe.

Walking (in motion):

This is actually one of the most decent types of headshots that could be considered. If the person is a little stiff in front of the camera, it helps to relax their body. Because you can converse with them while they walk, it promotes a more natural expression. It generates a sense of motion that results in a closer relationship with the observer.

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Additionally, walking headshots are simple to take, especially outside. Simply select a pleasing backdrop, go a little distance away from your subject, and request that they come near you. An additional tip, nowadays almost all types of cameras have the burst mode feature, which can be quite helpful in this particular shot, otherwise, it is advised to let a professional Chicago headshot photographer do the job in a more accurate way.

Upright Sit:

For headshots, sitting positions are effective, and you have a few possibilities to choose from. You might instruct your client to sit on a flight of steps with their hands connected over their knees as one of the poses. ​​On stairs, it’s simple for the knees to end up a little higher than the hips. If you’re not careful, a seated vibe can probably appear too casual; nevertheless, the hands-down position and the upright posture help to prevent this problem.

As an alternative, ask your subject, or if you’re the subject to stand symmetrically in front of the camera while leaning slightly forward and holding their hands folded together. For medium-formal photo shoots, this position is incredibly popular for men and looks great.

Action Pose:

When you take a subject’s picture, frequently for their business, you have the chance to say something about what they do and/or how they are as a person. This is especially for the ones who are getting the headshot photography done for a particular client, product, or brand itself.

Ask your client to show you a product if they create one (and take a photo!). Ask them to demonstrate some of what they do if they go through training. Ask them to bring out their equipment, put on their uniform, and other things if they have a passion.

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Giving specific instructions is less important when using this fluid posing style; instead, just let the subject do what they do. Keep your camera at the ready and take some personable headshots.

The subject is advised to maintain a straight posture for the left-hand photograph. You can also ask your subject to bend forward a bit ahead for the image on the right. Make sure that the right-hand shot has a little more depth, is more dynamic, and is more interesting.

Keep in mind that after the subject leans their forehead, you nearly always need to reposition him/her. So that you can discover the perfect angle, encourage them to make little modifications as most individuals have a tendency to lean in too far or lower their chin too far.


To sum up, headshot photography is something that professionals need it more than anything in the ongoing scenarios. Headshot photography represents multiple scenarios about the subject and matters quite a lot in the representation of the brand/subject.

It is important that you must consider a Chicago headshot photographer that you can get from the professionals themselves at

Feel free to reach us and get more info.

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