How to Engage and Captivate Your Audience With Animated Sales Videos

Animated Sales Videos

How to Engage and Captivate Your Audience With Animated Sales Videos– The realm of digital content today is dominated by video. Brands looking to scale and establish a long-standing healthy customer base are indeed banking on video content. However, that also means the digital space is flooded with videos. To make matters worse, the average attention span of a consumer has come to be less than 7 seconds.

This presents a tough scenario for businesses to capture and retain their target audience’s interest. To demand attention, to sustain it until the end of the video, and to induce a favorable action from the viewer is a bigger challenge.

Fortunately, we have animated sales videos – a tried-and-tested video format that is guaranteed to spark engagement if crafted strategically. A specialized animated explainer video production company can help create the most captivating targeted video, as part of a comprehensive video content strategy, which is bound to work wonders for your bottom line.

Coming from our experts, here are some secret actionable tips on how to engage and captivate your audience with animated videos.

Create the ultimate visual package

One of the most appealing advantages of animated sales videos is their visual superiority. They utilize a dynamic range of visually pleasing elements such as immersive graphics, attention-grabbing colors, and interesting animations, a thoughtful combination of which creates the perfect recipe for engagement. As opposed to other conventional marketing media, such as static pictures, sales presentations, or cliché email newsletters, animated videos keep the viewers engaged from start to finish through dynamic and unique visuals, that utilize eye-catching elements and fluid motion to drive interest through intrigue and curiosity.

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For the same reason, one of the first things to keep in mind when creating an animated sales video is to go all out with the visual elements. Use your best resources to create a treat for the eyes, coupled with meaningful storytelling to set the stage for an impactful connection.

Reinforce the visuals with a resonating story

Storytelling, needless to say, forms the crux of effective marketing. For animated sales videos in particular, the story has to be top-of-the-line to match the immersive quality of the visuals. A big advantage of animation is that it can help you convey a complex message in a simple, easy-to-follow, and engaging way. Utilize this attribute to simplify complicated offerings, product functionalities, or service models, and present them in a way that not only helps people understand your business better but also engages them. Focus on creating a strong, well-wound narrative, strengthen it with emotion-inducing relatable bits, add compelling characters, and tie it in with the visual elements seamlessly to create a video that drives your customer home.

An experienced animated explainer video production company can effortlessly create captivating narratives for your product or service offering. Some common story formats you can start with include highlighting a core problem your product helps solve, narrating a customer success story, or creatively stimulating a success story.

Tailor the video to fit your brand personality

When crafting the visuals and the story for your animated sales video, ensure to tailor it to your brand persona, so that it remains consistent and aligned with the overall image. This helps instill your brand’s identity in the minds of the viewers and lets them associate the immersive experience with your brand. Feel free to make the video follow any vibe or tone, starting from fun and quirky, or professional and sophisticated, to casual and humorous according to the established personality of your brand. Infuse and tie the video together with customized characters, color palettes from your brand kit, or animation styles that you may have previously used. The key is to strike that delicate balance between representing your brand while also actively resonating with your viewers with visual elements and stories.

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Incorporate easy-to-retain information to drive sales

Statistics state that viewers retain up to 95% of the information they see in a video. Take advantage of this dynamic and incorporate key, thoughtful information in your animated sales video to induce favorable action. This is why explainer videos are best presented in animated formats; they combine the power of visually captivating elements and storytelling to break down complex topics and deliver them in a way that viewers find easy to digest. Infuse explainer videos with the most appealing and powerful, simplified pieces of information to increase its chances of being retained by the viewer, and use it to strategically drive sales. Partner with a skilled animated explainer video production company for the most thoughtful strategies to seamlessly nail the technique.

Utilize multiple touchpoints to disseminate animated sales videos

Animated videos have the advantage of being highly versatile in nature. They can be incorporated as part of several marketing campaigns including on social media, drip email newsletters, website landing pages, and other forms of digital ads. They can also be adapted for off-grid uses, such as for use in digital displays at events, billboards, etc. Make full use of your animated video investment by disseminating the video effectively across multiple touchpoints. Exercise strategic judgment and share the video with appropriate crowds to maximize exposure and attract eyeballs from the right audience. Considering how video is all-pervasive today, the only key point to ensure is the right target audience.

Measure the ROI and make appropriate iterations to improve performance

Depending on the platform that you have chosen to share your animated sales video, you receive a range of analytics and insights to gauge the impact of the video on your business, including watch time, engagement rates, link clicks, conversion rates, etc. Put these insights to good use and make timely iterations to maximize the results. For example, if you find a more engaging audience on YouTube, use the platform to build a community. On the other hand, if you find video-embedded emails more effective in attracting traffic, optimize your landing page for conversions and attach the right animated videos for prospects on different stages of their customer journey, to increase sales and in turn, improve the ROI.

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Wrapping up

Animated videos are ultra-engaging and effective resources for your business to effectively connect with your audience and drive business growth. Utilizing it at the right places at the right times and in the right ways can help drastically improve the bottom line. Keep the above-mentioned pointers in mind, and partner with an experienced animated explainer video production Chicago company to craft compelling videos that will boost conversions and deliver consistently improved ROI for several years down the line.

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