DIY Tips For Perfect Product Photography Shots

DIY Tips For Perfect Product Photography Shots

Well, time does fly fast but when it comes to first look things, maybe time flies at the speed of a launched rocket. Did you know that it takes less than even 60 seconds for a viewer to get the first impression? When you’re running an online store, especially which includes products, you don’t really have much time to capture the interest of the customers which is why to make every glimpse count. Whether it’s a picture or a video it is very important to make sure that it is actually attracting customers.

DIY Tips For Perfect Product Photography Shots

As a professional Chicago videographer we have curated a list of ideas with which you can make your product photography attractive:

Background Check:

It is very important to consider the overall scene when shooting your product in addition to how it looks in separately. Your background may be used to your advantage while selling your goods. It should set the tone of the picture regardless matter what you are selling. You have to understand that you should promote a good dish rather than the restaurant.

Macro Images (closeups):

The closest shots are macro shots. You must have seen the advertisements like drops of mango juice dripping from very delicious-looking mangoes in a mango juice ad, that’s the whole perspective sets in. These are really compelling images that are meant to “awaken our senses” and persuade us to purchase.

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However, providing full photos of your merchandise and the macro shots is important as well, and make sure they are real. The more information you can provide to your clients while selling online, the more probable it is that they will actually make a buy. People desire assurance that what they see is what they receive.

Proper Picture Editing:

Editing is not a game of trial, especially when it comes to business. The one trick on our list thus far that requires more than just a camera to master is photo editing.

You will require editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. You might even look for some online tutorials on YouTube because these programs aren’t as straightforward as “Download and Go.” However, editing is something that definitely comes with practice and skills which is why you should hire Chicago videographer to get the pictures and videos edited in professional hands.

Display Every Product Variant:

Customers who shop online want to view as many photographs as they can in order to ensure that they will be satisfied with their purchase. The inclusion of all product variations in your product photographs is therefore beneficial.

Show your buyers what your product would look like in other colors rather than relying on their imaginations. Moreover, it will assist you in advancing and increasing sales if your rivals aren’t doing it.

Showcase the Usage of the Product:

Discuss with your team exactly what your ideal buyers desire from your product before you take the product shots. For example, if you’re taking a product video of a vegetable chopper, then make sure you actually make a video of its working. This gives the ultimate clarity to the consumer of what he/she is looking for.

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Reflected Base/Surface:

Reflections have their own way of depicting things! A simple product picture gets slightly extra by using a reflective surface. Another thing to focus on, in this step is the lighting. No wonder why professionals like  Chicago videographer  use so many different types of lighting in the product photography session to get the perfect shot.

Change the lighting in the space to give this a more professional appearance (or again, use some photo editing software to do this).

Put the Product in the Foreground:

These are almost like macro photographs turned around. You can present the product in its intended surroundings and capture the interest of potential clients by placing it in the shot’s background rather than as the primary focus. You should check how it is done professionally when it comes to Chicago product photography!

360-degree Pictures:

Let’s face the fact that customers have the benefit of holding objects, inspecting them from all sides, feeling their weight, and other things in a physical store. But customers are unable to do that when they shop online.

Use Props:

Props are the real “extra” that you need to add. Another strategy is to use props to assist your customers to see all the potential uses for your product or products. It can also help you to sell more of those other things if you utilize them as props.

Suspended Products (the drop and hold effect):

We call it the “Products on hold “ effect”! While it will require some work and trial and error to get it perfect, you can produce a picture similar to this by using some clear fishing line. There are product pictures and videos where we see the product is in the air or almost about to touch the ground. This makes the viewer wonder what kind of product it is and usually gets the attention and creates the urge to know about the product. There is no doubt that images of suspended products look spectacular.

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These were some of the important points that you can utilize when you’re doing it yourself.

In today’s time, the key component of any e-commerce website is photography. However, it comes with the fact that online shoppers are unable to touch, feel, try, or handle your things. They can only communicate with each other by looking at your photographs, which should simulate “real life” as closely as possible. This should be for all the products and viewers as this can also contribute to creating brand loyalty.

It is essential to keep in mind that your chances of making a sale increase with how aesthetically pleasing and well photographed your things are.

Product photography and videography are one of the only ways to visually captivate potential customers in the era of e-commerce. What you show to the viewers will have a major effect on your conversion rates, which is why you should get the job done by professionals. We at will help you with our professional skills to change the whole game and get the best pictures and videos for your product. Feel free to contact us!

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