The Must-Have Checklist For Product Videography

The Must-Have Checklist For Product Videography

A professional product video can take your business to heights that would definitely surprise you. Trends have changed so much over the years of time that today’s generation has made sharing things on social media important more than anything else.

Whether you are starting or maintaining the business, this strategy is basically a game changer for both old and startup ones.

Product photography and videography aren’t just clicking pictures of the products. Especially when you are working with a brand you have to pull up some tricks and methods to make the product video look like it’s the only thing that a viewer would see. Making it look eye-catching and creative a very important not just to impress your clients but also to generate sales.

Product Videography

There is no doubt that the ultimate skills to create a masterpiece for the client come with knowledge and experience. Well, you’ve landed at the right place because our professional Chicago Videographer has prepared some of the important points that you should be keeping in mind when working on product videography:


What are you going to bring to the table? What is it that will make the viewers pause and pay attention to your product clips? To really grab people’s attention, the video you are making needs a strong start and a strong end. Your video will probably be shared on sites like Facebook or Instagram and many other social media platforms.

The goal is to create a type of content that will  make them want to click the button that says “learn more.” What are the things that you can do to really get people’s attention?

To start with, first of all, find the perfect song for your video, plan each shot with the product and music in mind, and make a shot list.

Create a creative product environment:

What is so special about the popular aesthetic Instagram or Pinterest posts? The way the video has been shot, the background, and the foreground. You cannot just place the product on a table and click pictures and shot videos.

Every product requires its own setup that you should be able to pull up during the shoot. It is important to understand that every item has its own style and look and the setup shall be arranged accordingly. The setting where you shoot should match the look of the product. Also, make sure that the identity of the brand stays the same. The shoot has to go with the rest of the company’s advertising. That way, it won’t look strange.

Before setting up the whole thing, it is important to have a proper word with the brand and know what they visualize about the product or how they want it to be. When a brand comes out with something new, they sometimes want that product to look a certain way. Make sure to talk to the brand before the shoot to find out what they want.

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Lighting plays a very significant role in the final result of the videography. There are different types of lighting used which vary on what subject the videography is.

It’s really up to you to decide what lighting setup works best for the product and brand you’re shooting. Try out different lighting setups on your own to see what works best with different materials and finishes.

Effects or touches that are unique: 

It is said going the extra mile would never cost you. To make the product video look better, you can try some extra things in the setup. What exactly is special touches? Our professional Chicago Videographer explained this in a simple way, the special touches are what will really make your product videos stand out from the rest and will catch the attention in first look. These include anything that can make your shots more interesting and improve the way they look. You must have seen that some beverage advertisements show the glasses getting filled with the juice/cold drink in slow motion with droplets outside the glass leaving the audience almost drooling. The purpose is to create a “want” to get that thing which means making the video look so attractive that the urge to have it would be created in the mind of the viewer.

Another example is, is the steamy effect and the condensation on the drinks in th ads is a great effect. This makes the viewers think how delicious would it taste in real. You can do a lot of things like that however, it is very important that you should know a lot about the product you are shooting. Make sure that any extras you add will go with the product you’re showing off.

Experiment with different ways to get that perfect shot: 

Ask any professional videographer or photographer they will agree with the fact that a single shot can change the whole view of how the thing is seen. This brings us to the point that how important it is to try different angles and not just remain stuck to one single or basic angle. Moreover, different types of movements to create that dramatic or focused effect can also be given a shot.

Light has the ability to change the whole show.

Do some research. 

As much as clichè it sounds, one can never score better without having their homework done. You should be aware of the subject or the base that you want to keep, and shifts in trends, and then set everything accordingly. We also suggest you to have an open conversation with the people from the brand or the company once you decide few ideas on which you’d work on for that project. Next, you need to find the right topic or theme for your video. It’s important to find a topic that not only appeals to your target audience but also helps you reach the goals of the brand/company.

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How can we forget SERP? Focusing on a keyword is a big part of choosing a topic. This is especially important if you want to rank on Google and other search engine results in pages.

If you’re making videos for YouTube, doing keyword research on YouTube is one of the easiest ways to decide what to talk about. One of the effective ideas is you have to open YouTube and look for the keyword that you’ve used. This will help you to have more clear knowledge about what works for the XYZ product video and what doesn’t.

Pick the right kind of video. 

Clarity regarding what you are working on is very important. Now that you know what your video is about, you need to decide what kind of video you want to make. This will change the tone and style of your video right away. And, of course, it will change everything about how it is shot, animated, or edited.

Here are some kinds of videos you can watch: 

  • Screen recording of animated live-action
  • Whiteboard
  • Graphics in motion
  • Typography
  • Combination

It’s important to remember that some video types are better for formal and professional videos, while others are better for casual videos. So, choose a video type that fits the way you write. Also, see the subject that the brand or the company is targeting to cover.

Write a script:

If you are working with professionals like who not just provide videography services but production services as well then you’re in good hands otherwise you got to work extra on this.

Once you’ve decided on your video’s topic and style, you can start working on its content. The best way to do this is to write a video script that tells your story. It should be very clear and crisp as videos usually don’t go way too lengthy, they are to the point, especially the voice-over script that explains the subject. You cannot that around the bush just like that.

You can write a word-for-word script for the video, or you can just write a list of the main things you want to talk about in the video. But it is important to understand that the content should be catchy enough to draw the attention of the viewer.

We as humans tend to forget things after a few moments or even the next moment. The point is to have a reference document so that when you start making the video, you don’t forget to talk about something important.

Inspired by Pinterest and influencers these days, you can also make a storyboard for your video as an alternative.

Choose the right place:

Materialistic things require some materialism based points to get the job done. We mean , the way the product is captured in the frame. It has to look very clean, well-focused, and attractive to the eyes of the views.

Choosing where to shoot the video is another important part of the planning phase. The background and surroundings are the factors that set the vibe in the video. Location is more important than you might think. It gives the video a sense of place and can make a big difference in how it looks and feels. It is not going to be exactly the same that you see with your eyes compared to how it would be seen with the lens.

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You can make the video at home or outside. No matter which option you choose, the way your video looks and feels will be very different.

Better sound quality:

Sound plays such a significant role that when you actually see the efforts that are put in would create a whole difference. Your video’s audio can make or break it, and there are a few easy things you can do to keep the audio quality of your video intact.

The best way to record sound from your subject is to use a microphone that isn’t built into your camera. No matter how good the mic on your camera is, it’s not good enough to replace a separate audio recorder.

Avoid any shaky video: 

No one likes to see disturbing or shaky videos, that’s something that gets causes hindrance. Shaky footage not only looks unprofessional, but it also makes your audience’s eyes work harder. Our Chicago Videographer has suggested to look for multiple places to choose that one place. And also, if possible try to keep the product and see the actual view that the viewers aw=re going to see.

To fix this, you should either get a camera with built-in image stabilization or buy a tripod. Most of the time, tripods work when the subject is still, but that may not be true for all types of videos.

For example, if you are making vlogs, you may need to walk around the city, which is not the best place for a tripod. In that case, you might want to think about buying an external stabilizer.

Many video editing programs have a built-in way to stabilize shaky footage, but the results might not always be perfect.

Film in Small Segments 

Making short videos is a great way to keep your mind on the topic you’re talking about. Also, it gets easier to edit the footage after the shoot.

This way, your ideas won’t get mixed up, and all you have to do to make the final video is put together the smaller ones.

Remember, this isn’t the only project that you’d be working on. There is a lot of work ahead but make sure you invest in the whole thing carefully. Don’t put too much stock in buying the best equipment before you start making videos. It’s a process that every creator has to go through, and the more you practice with a small budget and few tools, the better you’ll be when you have the right tools.

The beauty of this whole thing is that how little-little things build up by the people working on the project are amazing.

The delivery of your work is what decides how the real reaction of the client’s decision to further work with you or not.


The truth is anything that is based on dedication and professionalism is going to give fruitful results. You should consider, a company known for its video production services. Product photography and videography are done under the guidance of professionals so that even a slight mistake is not there.

Feel free to contact us and reach us to know more!

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