7 Indisputable Signs You Need to Invest in Video Content

7 Indisputable Signs You Need to Invest in Video Content

According to recent statistics, almost 3.5 billion people in the world currently consume some form of video content, up from 3.3 billion in 2022.

These numbers are visibly increasing every year, opening highly influential windows of opportunity for brands everywhere, to make an impact.

Clearly, video is not going anywhere. And it is high time you invested in effective video marketing too.

Count on K3; experts in video production in Chicago, to create strategic video content for your brand.

Here are 7 undisputable signs that you need video content.

Your Conversion Rate is on a Downtrend

Declining conversion rates are a tell-tale sign that you need video content on your website. As opposed to text-based content, videos have the potential to engage a user and induce them to make a purchase. For example, if you have a retail store, a customer checking out an outfit is more likely to purchase it if the visuals display a video of a model wearing it. Similarly for more complicated product offerings, video content can help a visitor make a decision. You can embed easy-to-understand explainers or how-to tutorials showcasing your product to help your visitors make a purchase decision.

Research suggests that visitors who see a product video are 144% more likely to purchase it. Hence, by all means, hire professionals in video production in Chicago and reap the benefits.

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Your Website Visitors Leave too Soon

High website bounce rates are another serious indicator that there is a lack of engaging content online. It means the content doesn’t grab or retain reader attention, leading them to leave soon, perhaps onto a competitor’s website. To avoid this and to sustain visitor interest, you can embed relevant interesting videos in your web pages. For example, you can have a short and fun explainer video right on your home page to get visitors to remain longer on the page. Similarly, you can have demo videos, customer testimonials, and the like, placed thoughtfully throughout your website to increase retention rates.

Your Social Media Posts don’t have enough Reach or Engagement

Video is a crucial form of content for social media in this day and age. If you find your engagement rates dipping on your social media posts no matter how frequently you share, then you most likely need interesting videos on your page. Statistics state that over 40% of social media scrollers have gone on to like posts and follow a brand after having seen one of their video ads. Besides, we already know that platforms like Facebook and Instagram are filled with videos, which necessitates you to join the bandwagon too, lest you lose your prospects to your competitors.

You cannot make it to the first page of Google

The right SE optimization strategies should lead you to rank on the first page of Google’s SERP at some point. If you cannot seem to figure out why it is not happening even after several attempts, video is your much-needed answer. Clear, clean, and optimized videos with proper descriptions and alt tags are highly likely to get you on the first page of SERPs. Product explainer videos, tutorials, and other insightful videos that answer a user’s questions are great ways to make your way to the top ranks. Besides, Google naturally favors video content. Hence, if your video provides relevant content related to a query you most likely have a great chance of securing a top spot on the list.

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At K3 we have had several brands achieve exceptional results from a stagnant state of affairs with a video. Our team of experts in video production in Chicago, can determine the right video content strategies for your brand and help you be seen!

People don’t seem to understand your product offering

If your product offering or service model is a bit complicated for the average person to understand, you stand the risk of not getting any sales, if you don’t make it clear for them. You can identify this issue by analyzing some of your metrics. Are your bounce rates higher on your product page? Are you getting queries from customers asking the same type of questions over and over? Do you find leads leaving conversations even after you explain the product in chats?

These are all indicators that your target audience is finding it difficult to understand how your product can help them. And the best way to fix this is with video content. Simplified explainer videos with engaging motion graphics or scripts can get your users to watch and understand what your product does.

Creative masters of video production in Chicago can help break down your complex offerings and deliver them to your leads in engaging ways through effective video marketing.

Your advertising efforts fail to yield the expected results

If your website does not have what it takes to retain visitor attention and interest, then your advertising efforts will most likely go in vain. In the same way, if your ad in itself is not interesting enough for a viewer to click through to your landing page, once again, that results in wasted ad money.

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Interesting video content can be used to explain your product features and benefits on your website and to create attention-grabbing advertisements. Experts in video marketing can help you generate powerful video ads that will not only get customers interested in your brand but also make a purchase.

You have very few returning buyers

Returning buyers are one of the best signs of a successful business and growth. It is also an indicator of brand reputation and loyalty. They are in fact powerhouses of potential that you can leverage to increase your sales. According to statistics, it is almost 60 to 70% easier to sell to an existing customer, than to a new prospect. Hence it is high time you used that to your advantage.

Interesting and informative videos related to more of your products and services can act as excellent upselling and cross-selling techniques. Make your videos fun and engaging so that your existing customers feel the need to watch more, learn more, and use your product more.

Count on K3Video Production in Chicago to leverage the benefits of video

If your brand has been facing any of the signs mentioned above through your marketing efforts, it is time you invested in high-quality video. The right type of video, created in the most impactful and engaging way will take your marketing to a whole other level, allowing your overall efforts to pay off in heaps.

K3Video Production in Chicago is here to help you start your video marketing journey. Get on a quick call with our consultation team to see how we can change your game.

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