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Artificial Intelligence has officially taken the world and all its industries by storm! It has had a revolutionary impact in the marketing realm especially, where professionals now use AI-infused tools to make their work faster and more efficient.

Creative individuals are also equipped with easy-to-use AI software that helps them generate videos from scratch. In fact, statistics state that the market for AI-generated videos has experienced a massive surge, accounting for a nearly 20% increase every year.

While AI tools offer an array of invaluable intelligent assistance to supercharge creativity, they also come with several disadvantages, the primary one being that they do not offer top-notch human-level quality.

Each tool produces workable content rather than ready-to-use content, that saves a ton of time in the entire process, letting creatives focus on adding immersive value to the project.

In video marketing as well, there are a plethora of AI tools to help with various aspects of video production, starting from full-blown video generation to editing and audio mixing.

As a veteran video production company in Chicago, our team has been able to double up on efficiency since the advent of AI. With our technical knowledge and expertise, we have also been able to distinguish a few of these tools, based on their quality and capabilities.

Here are 5 excellent AI tools that we use to make our work 10X faster and more efficient.


Jasper is an intelligent and feature-packed AI tool that provides focused assistance for video production in writing. It utilizes several available AI models including OpenAI’s GPT, Google, and Anthropic to produce prompt-based results that are more accurate, dynamic, and reliable. It also comes with an in-built prompt enhancer that helps generate more detailed and clear prompts to be fed in, based on initial inputs.

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It is one of the best tools for scriptwriting specifically, as it features a template for video scripts, which can be used to generate engaging scripts for social media videos, brand videos, and more.

Results produced by any AI-based tool are only as good as its prompts. Hence, it is important to start with a clear vision for your video project and to follow it up with sensible articulation, so that the tool produces the best outcome. With Jasper, you can start with a clear set of inputs, and generate detailed specifications with the prompt enhancer.

They offer several plans for creators and businesses, starting from $40 a month, of which a professional video production company in Chicago can take advantage.


Descript is a high-efficiency video editing software that offers thoughtful assistance with traditional video editing. As opposed to conventional timeline-based editing, Descript offers transcription editing, where the transcript is automatically produced when the user uploads a video. The user can then edit the video simply by editing the transcription.

It also allows the addition of scenes into the transcript, using which the playback can be made more seamless and smoother. Other extra features can be activated using keyboard shortcuts, much like markups for text documents.

With these tools, the video editing process becomes much faster and more efficient, with less time wasted on removing fillers or irrelevant footage.

The software further provides other useful editing features that are not available with traditional editing systems, such as voice inflection for narrations and eyeball rotation, which helps in cases where the host is not looking directly into the camera.

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All of these features are in addition to traditional editing capabilities, which makes Descript an excellent addition to the arsenal of a video production company in Chicago.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is the company’s first AI-based creative tool that comes with a full set of impressive features to edit photos and videos and create photos from scratch using AI. Its core highlight is a text-to-image and text-to-video processing segment that conjures entire images and videos from text inputs given by the user. The results are fairly high-quality with the developers constantly improving the outcome.

Firefly goes one step further in AI image creation to include an “Inpaint” option which allows users to generate a part of an image using AI, and replace the original with it. Its “Smart Portrait” is another useful feature that allows users to edit models’ or subjects’ faces and lighting within photos.

Besides these remarkable tools, Adobe is a trusted name to begin with. The company has also announced the introduction of “Project Gingerbread” which is anticipated to be an advanced revolutionary creative AI tool, that will change the game for professionals.


Vidyo.ai is a reliable platform that helps create wholesome short videos from long-form video content. Since the advent of channels like Instagram and TikTok, ultra-short videos have become an inevitable resource for brands to boost engagement and sales. Furthermore, different platforms necessitate specific formats and delivery styles, which makes it tedious and time-consuming to extract channel-specific short videos from long-form pillar videos. This is where an efficient tool like Vidyo.ai proves useful.

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Its functionality is straightforward and effortless; it allows the user to upload a long video or insert a URL, out of which it creates a range of potential short video content along with captions, after a few minutes.

This is an excellent tool for video production companies in Chicago that work on tight deadlines as it takes care of the bigger chunk of work involving creating channel-specific shareables. The platform is also expected to grow with more diverse functionalities, potentially helping creators thoughtfully.

Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs is a great asset for creators in video production, as it is a one-of-a-kind video upscaling AI tool. It helps increase video resolution without compromising on video quality, which helps users generate crisp and ultra-clean videos.

It comes with a few impressive features like deinterlacing, motion interpolation, and upscaling all of which can create a dramatically superior effect at the end. It is found to work exceptionally well with nature-oriented videos or landscape videos. Unlike other software, the team at Topaz Labs lets you purchase the tool for a one-time price and avail ongoing system support for its life.

Wrapping up

As the marketing world evolves and video consumption patterns change, it is crucial for companies to stay on top of the latest trends in video content. While this increases the pressure on video production experts to create more with less time and resources, AI tools like the ones mentioned above can give them enough space to breathe, enhance their work efficiency, and equipment them with features to create more magic.

A high-performing animated video production company like K3 can immensely boost productivity with these amazing AI systems.

For more expert advice on video content, and customizable video marketing services contact K3.

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