Ultimate Tradeshow Exhibit Photography

At K3 video production, team of professional photographers create compelling advertising images for exhibit builders, the trade show industry, as well as other global companies.

Also, we specialize in a variety of photography styles as well as have a range of video services available for documenting conferences and corporate events, exhibits and booths, commercial and retail environments.

Moreover, our artistic vision, professional expertise, and meticulous knowledge of the latest technologies permit us to produce unrivaled commercial photography in the diverse expo market. Plus, our creative team is available for hire at all major trade shows and conferences worldwide. K3 video production provides in booth social media photo opportunities to assist collect email addresses and provide potential new customers a fun, free photo to share branded, of course!

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K3’s Tools, Technique, and Touch for Photographing Trade Show Exhibits

We use full-frame digital cameras equipped with wide-angle lenses, (which make full use of wide-angle lenses), tripods, and also lighting equipment to help capture the look and feel of an exhibit at a trade show, plus, we have all the tools we need to create stunning images of your booth. However, it isn’t just tools that make a great image. Considerate light, angle, and geometry are critical in crafting images that make a consciousness. And, we know that in most situations there are only 30-60 minutes available before or after the show to get the job done. K3 video production expert team members know how to best plan for or schedule a shoot which will result in great images. Whenever it is all done, you walk away from your show with high-resolution images suitable for all purposes.


Well, hiring an experienced, professional exposition booth photographer means that your exhibit at a trade show like K3 video production photographers will be captured using high-quality equipment by photographers as we know how to best capture your booth. Well, after the photographers expertly photograph your display, we retouch your images to ensure everything looks perfect. However, aside from typical color correction and leveling, an important facet of professional photo editing for trade show booths is the removal of clutter and other companies’ branding from the background of the photos. So, need a professional photographer or videographer to cover an entire trade show or convention, and not just a single exhibit? K3 video production offers event services as well! Click here to learn more.