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We at K3 video production is a provider of film production services throughout nation-wide and we have contributed to numerous productions for brands. Also, our reputation for completing on-time, & within budget, is hard to match. Well, by choosing to work with K3 video production you can be confident your project will be in the hands of experienced professionals.

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Make your commercial sector to promote their brand or products to your target audience with our best video production service.

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K3 Video Production Procedure

1. Brainstorm
Firstly, following the discovery session, where we discuss the artistic vision for your brand, our craftsmen gather at the conference table to brainstorm the coolest concepts for your video production.

2. Concept
Secondly, once we have a solid understanding of which concepts will best relay your message as well as produce results, we develop them, creating a comprehensive overview for each production complete with stylistic direction and mood board.

3. Script
So, once you choose your favorite concept, our screenwriter will fill in the pieces with killer dialogue.

4. Storyboard
After that, this is the graphic illustration depicting the sequence of your video production, showing how each frame lines up with the dialogue in the script.

5. Shot List
Next, once the storyboard is approved, we will go into very specific detail of each shot. And, this shows you how we will build your video production frame by frame.

5. Casting Call
Moreover, it starts with research into your targeted demographic. And, we have to know who we are communicating with to scout the talent best suited to the project. Thus, this will be the visual representation of your brand, so they should fit the part and know how to connect with your audience.

6. Production
Further, Lights, Camera, Action, Seriously. Well, we roll out the big guns to bring your vision to life and captivate your audience. And, we film everything using RED cameras the industry’s best production gear.

7. Post Production Editing
After, it’s time to fit all the pieces together. So, our video editing team is the real deal. And, we don’t rest until your video flows seamlessly with captivating transitions. Thus, depending on the style of your video production will determine the camera angles and how we build your final product.

8. Client Previews & Revisions
Now, check it out! Well, this isn’t the final product. But it sure is close! So, let us know what you think, and don’t be shy. Because we’re here to make sure that your vision shines the way you imagined it would. And, we won’t rest until you’re satisfied with the final product.

9. Distribution
Also, we house an entire team of digital marketers. And, they’re experts at placing content in front of the right audience. So, if you want your video seen around the world, then we can make that happen.
Thus, find out who we’ve worked with, here. Also, be sure to check out some of our most recent productions here.