Get More Customers With The Different Types of Social Media Videos

Get More Customers With The Different Types of Social Media Videos

In the competitive society, video is one of the fastest-growing types of media out there, also when combined with the reach of social media; you’ve got a powerhouse of marketing relevance & competitive advantage. Well, Social media sites are the web’s most popular hangout spots, so if you want your business to be successful online then it helps to be seen there. Most social media video services help you harness the power of social videos to benefit your brand message. And, Social media videos are a fun, shareable, & effective way to boost your online presence. In reality, approximately 82% of marketers state that social video marketing was positively impactful on their business!

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Different types of Social Media Video

Well, if you are thinking to hire the services of video production Chicago, then take a look at different types of social media video that helps you a lot in your business profits:

  1. Behind-The-Scenes Social Media Videos

Firstly, people love to peek behind the curtain! And, behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to highlight your company culture & build trust as well as connection with your audience by taking the people behind your business. Also, office tours, going backstage at an event you’re involved in, or showing new products are perfect topics for behind-the-scenes videos.

  1. Live Videos

Secondly, most platforms now offer native live streaming features & audiences are eating it up.  So, live streams are a fantastic way to make your brand seem more transparent while boosting engagement as well as fostering a connection with your fans. And, it’s the perfect format for Q&As, important events, & product launches.

  1. Product Videos

Next, did you know that the buying decisions of several people all around the globe have been influenced by brands’ social media posts? So, if you are running a business in Chicago, then product video production is a great way to highlight a product or demonstrate a specific feature. And, an informal social media post can seem more authentic than an ad, & encourage people to click “buy.”

  1. Trending News

Moreover, more than two-thirds of adults get at least some of their news from social media these days! And, breaking news, as well as trending topics, is a great opportunity to jump into the conversation. So, whether it’s your company’s breaking news or a reaction to a significant event or cultural moment, a video is the perfect way to share your take. Thus, note that breaking news videos are the top-performing video type on Twitter since it’s where many people look first when news breaks or a live event is going on.

  1. Tutorial Videos

Next, did you know that tutorial videos are one of the most-searched-for videos online? So, while you’ll need to tweak the format (no-one is going to watch a 40-minute video on Facebook), whenever done right, this format can be incredibly successful.

  1. Announcement Videos

Further, are you launching a new product? Well, if yes, an announcement video needs to make its way to your brand’s timeline. And, social media is the place to announce it as well as a fun video is a perfect way to build excitement! Also, you can even do a series of teaser videos before the big reveal to build curiosity amongst your audience.

Well, above are the prime categories of social media video along with benefits, thus having profit in your business; hire a professional video production company.

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