Types Of Videos That Help To Promote Your Brand

Types Of Videos That Help To Promote Your Brand

What takes a video to be considered in the public eye? Celebrities and fancy lighting? Good music? What is it? There are many things that can be counted, however, with time as most things have shifted toward the digital aspect. And with this aspect comes the major point of how well the subject is “presented” to the people.

It has become a common opinion that presenting a catchy Facebook picture caption or posting a boomerang on Instagram will be good enough to promote your brand. You may ask any professional corporate video production company what it takes to have the proper promotions of a brand. The most common answer that you will get would be the different types of video marketing of the brand. This speaks to the reason behind many successful and well-established brands. A professional video production company knows what it takes to put a little too big effort to make that one game-changer video for a brand.

Considering the facts, more than any other form of advertising, videos have proven to keep viewers’ attention for a longer period of time. Producing high-quality video is crucial because it allows you to leverage your brand in places where static photos and text cannot be used, such as YouTube. It also allows you to market your company in a more dynamic way.

Although creating a video requires a lot of work which is usually managed by a team of professionals.  Consider what kind of video you want to make before you begin, there might be some factors related to your target that you want to consider.


When it comes to video marketing, video production is not just limited to one type which is why we have mentioned the most widely used ones:

  • The spot:

This is an all-rounder type. The 15- or 30-second advertisement, sometimes known as a “spot,” is the most traditional type of video you may create. A spot’s content might vary greatly based on your brand and the narrative you want to convey, but the main reason to create one is so that it can be broadcast almost anywhere. For instance, you can get these videos played between TV commercials and also before YouTube videos, or even before movie trailers.

The keys to using this style of video effectively are to make it instantly captivating and to succinctly deliver your story within the confines of the relatively little runtime, this work can be professionally handled by video production companies Chicago, you just have to get in touch with professionals, like https://www.k3videoproduction.com/

Moreover, you should definitely consider this method if you’re trying to reach out or get the attention of the general audience toward your brand/service.

  • The product demonstration:

A product demonstration film serves the objective of showcasing your service or product to your audience. In this type of video, you are showcasing the product’s features, advantages, and benefits rather than describing how it functions.

This is the best video type for brands who want to launch their brand along with highlighting the key functions.

An explainer film on your site or landing page can be exactly what you need if your company provides a service or good that isn’t readily comprehended. These movies frequently combine animation with voiceovers that describe your company’s services to the viewer. This is actually like you’re explaining the video to an individual with some visual video going on in front.

  • The company culture video:

You must have seen that social media influencers these days explain some products in the video. This is also one of the great ways to get the message delivered to a wider audience through some celebrity.  A compelling speaker often speaks passionately about the product in product demonstration videos, but animated videos also succeed. Use your imagination when making product demonstration videos or you can definitely take help from a corporate video production company that will provide you with professional suggestions.

More than any other form of advertising, videos keep viewers’ attention for longer. Producing high-quality video is crucial because it allows you to leverage your brand in places where static photos and text cannot be used, such as a YouTube commercial block. It also allows you to market your company in a more dynamic way.

In addition, cultural videos are excellent for locating fresh talent. In order to build your firm, you may occasionally need to sell your brand to potential new employees rather than new clients. One of the finest methods to do this is to take pictures of your staff members who are the most enthusiastic.

  • The behind-the-scenes video:

People are more attracted to something that they feel is quite realistic and relatable as well. Show off any unusual development, production, or distribution processes you may have used to create your product or service. The craftsmanship that goes into what you or your brand is offering will be greatly appreciated by your audience.

  • The employee video:

Short video portraits of your company’s leaders can help your audience connect with you on a more personal level than a headshot and brief bio on your website. In this case, you can definitely get in touch with https://www.k3videoproduction.com/ if you are seeking to get professional work done for product videography and headshots as well.

Pro tip:

It is very important that the video should depict that the company or the brand actually cares about the people not just for financial gain. This is especially helpful for locally based small enterprises who want to engage with their community more intimately or grow outside of it.

  • The customer testimonial video:

This is for the ones who are in to promote their brand or the service. Having current customers promote your company on your behalf is one of the most effective approaches to drawing in new customers. Potential consumers are more inclined to assume they’ll have the same experience when they see how enthusiastic and dedicated your current customers are. Have a satisfied customer who already uses your product or service gush about it on camera, or you can get in touch with a social media personality to talk about the product (which will be also considered as paid promotion).  Show the client utilizing the item or have them share a noteworthy anecdote about how they couldn’t have done it without you. New customers will be excited about your brand because of that. Of course, the greatest way to express gratitude to them is to include your top clients.

  • The branded mini-film:

Short movies have never failed to get the attention of the audience. Your brand can be integrated into a short movie as a creative type of video advertising. You can create a conversation between the characters and have it screenplay as a plot.

Videography is one of the most effective and creative ways to deliver a message and at the same time gain the attention of the audience as well. However, it is very pertinent that professionalism is considered while creating these videos. In a world where more than half of the industries and MNCs have shifted towards digital media, the competition has risen at a very fast pace. You must definitely pull out a unique video that should be effective, and attention-grabbing and should also make the audience connect with it.

We at https://www.k3videoproduction.com/ are professionals in video production and our services go beyond just videography. Our years of experience and team of professionals have helped many brands with their success stories. Especially a brand that aims to grow and develop its scale should never give a second thought to indulging a  corporate video production company.

Feel free to reach out, we would love to hear from you!

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