Production Studio Space

Need a fully equipped pro studio for your next photo shoot or commercial? At Chicago Video Productions, we offer premium photo and video studio for rent, with all the cutting-edge equipment as well as amenities you need at affordable rates. One of Chicago's prominent studio spaces, stretched over a mammoth 2000 SQ feet this studio provides professional videographers and photographers all the control and comfort they need for producing their best work in no time. Be it video production, commercial or photography, you'll find our facility to be not only quite and hospitable, but also staffed by seasoned and knowledgeable experts. Not to mention the fact that our studio features a large white Cyclorama wall that can be painted for green screen. Offering high-quality studio that provides an open, clean and most of all comfortable space for a wide array of video and photography projects, Chicago Video Productions has become the go-to choice for many photographers and videographers, because we understand that creative control, team collaboration, client comfort and satisfaction in the location for photo and video shoot are not just important, but are vital factors.



Located in 123A State Street, Chicago, our high-quality studio features state-of-the-art technology, top-notch soundproofing among many others, providing you a wide array of services for all your video production needs and requirements.


Loading Door

Offering 2000 SQ feet of shooting space with a Cyclorama, large windows with great views among others, our studio can easily adapt to a variety of client needs. Add to that, our studio also has a large garage door, so you can rest assured that you can bring anything into the studio, from a bike to even a car, quickly and effortlessly.


Cyc Wall + Flat wall

At Chicago Video Productions, our fully equipped and air-conditioned studio has a tall CYC as well as flat wall, providing an ideal and flexible space for those who crave an interesting location that offers limitless possibilities for photographers and videographers of all skill levels.


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