Get instant management on Social media with On-Site Photoshare KIOSKS

K3 video production offers you the ultimate service of On-Site Photoshare Kiosks, which assist you to instantly share as well as management of your photos any social media site. K3 video production has all the professional team members who are always ready to deliver you this service not only in a single city or country but also worldwide with using all the advanced technology so that you will keep update all the time.

Why you need On-site Photoshare Kiosks?

Well, the Photoshare Kiosk system is a fresh way to instantly share photos via a 24″ tabletop touch screen. It can be set up separately at your registration desk, in your cyber cafe, or anywhere with attendee traffic. Also, photo sharing makes the perfect addition to headshot and photo stations, as the Photoshare Kiosk is the ideal social media station. Moreover, you have the option of e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or we can print it, put it in a folder for them as a great takeaway for the evening. Similarly, this could be done for a one-night event, or a multi-day convention, whatever you need done.

Why Chose K3 Video production for Kiosks Photoshare?

Generally, with multiple customization options including the screen background as well as frame, your brand will remain in focus at the kiosk station. K3 video production can also include your branding on the final photo, so attendees can keep a lasting memory of your event. And, multiple social media outlets offer immediate sharing ability for your guests. Also, your attendees step over to the kiosk, select their image, as well as can choose which photos they want to email, tweet, post, pin or share. Further, you can add the option for attendees to print photos immediately. Customers can order using images from their camera media card or USB, Facebook albums, or smartphones.

Moreover, our print ordering workflow is simple: users simply select the image & tap which sizes they want. And, any images ordered that do not match the paper’s aspect ratio are displayed with an easy-to-adjust crop box before the order is submitted. Also, we have lots of options for you to customize your ordering station to your clientele.
So, if you want the ultimate services of Photoshare then contact us today and don’t be hesitate for any queries just ask.