K3 video production delivers the ultimate service of ILITE Mobile photo booth nation-wide. We have unlimited customized prints, fun props, professional backdrops, social media sharing and more! So, watch our mobile Photo Booth video to learn more about all of our interactive Magic Mirror photo booths for weddings as well as corporate events, also see what’s included for your party:

1. Delivery & equipment set-up
2. WiFi hotspot set-up
3. High-speed dye-sub color printer set-up
4. Backdrop, curtain or green screen
5. Umbrella lighting set-up
6. Props and table set-up
7. Encourages guests to participate as well as have fun
8. Correctly positions guests within the frame
9. Distributes unlimited prints to guests
10. Manages tablet for email and social media sharing
11. Oversees guest & equipment safety
12. Post-event breakdown

Why K3 video production for mobile booth photography?

K3’s Mobile Photo Booth is ideal for your event or corporate party. And, guests can take fun photos anytime and anywhere within your event, providing the opportunity for more unique photos. Also, printed photos may be added as an upgraded option.

Moreover, the self-contained design of our mobile booth photography is perfect for events where floor space is limited. However, different from traditional photo booths that sits in the corner & takes up space, our portable photo booth that the photographer can transport around your venue while capturing photos from all your guests. Also, our flat panel lighting does not flash like a conventional camera, plus making it unobtrusive for you & your guests.
Additionally, we use only the most top of the line equipment and deliver the absolute nicest finished product that you will find anywhere, also at a fraction of the price. And, the few companies out there that are comparable at all as far as the quality of the photos and backgrounds that they deliver charge twice or even three times as much as us as well as for the same thing!

Marketing Benefits of a Branded Photo Booth

1. Put Your Brand at the Forefront
2. Increase Your Engagement
3. Social Media Benefits
4. Create More Revenue
5. Collect Important Data about Attendees
Thus, with all above marketing benefits, there is ample reason for you to hire one of your very own customized photo booths for your next corporate event, pop up or exhibition kiosk. And, the wonders that a photo booth can do for your company’s exposure, as well as viewability, are endless, so get started on it today!